Chandelier Maintenance

The chandelier in your home is a beautiful and intricate light fixture that is often the focal point of any room that it is in. To make sure that your chandelier keeps shining bright for years, make sure to give your chandelier a thorough cleaning at least once a year.

For many chandeliers, you can easily clean your own. If your chandelier is too difficult to access or clean, you may want to contact a professional cleaning service. Professional chandelier cleaning services may range from $700-$2000+, depending the the size and intricacy  of your chandelier.

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If you do choose to your own maintenance on your chandelier, here are a few tips.

Gather all the supplies you need:

  • Ladder – to reach the hard places if you can’t lower your chandelier.
  • Soft Cleaning Cloths/Gloves – to make sure that you leave no finger prints
  • Towel or Padding – to place underneath the fixture to cushion the fall if anything breaks
  • Cleaning Solution
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TIPS Before Starting the Cleaning

  • Make sure the chandelier is cool temperature wise.
  • Take pictures of the chandelier for reference in case you need to take it apart and reassemble.

Cleaning the Chandelier

  • Wet the cloth with the cleaning solution and then clean the chandelier.
  • Dry each section you wet right away
  • If the chandelier has many parts, you can take it apart and clean — use the pictures you took earlier as reference to put it back together
  • You have to move physically yourself to clean around the chandelier instead of twisting it around, which might damage the wiring
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