$1,000 Sustainability Scholarship Winner!

Elite Fixtures is proud to announce the winner of our “Eco-Friendly Sustainability” Scholarship. Congratulations to Kyle Latshaw, a junior at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania! He is majoring in mathematics.

We received hundreds of essays from students across the country describing what sustainability meant to them and what they are doing to live more eco-friendly. Kyle’s essay stood out to us because of his thoughtful comments on sustainability and what it means in American culture.

“Sustainability, above all, is thinking with the future in mind. This type of thinking is not always evident in American culture. We often purchase the newest item without thinking of what will happen to what we had before. We pursue profits and cost-cutting measures instead of seeking to manage our waste and possibly repurpose it. In many cases, we completely disregard the future.

“However, the future is less desolate than that pessimistic portrayal of American culture seems to suggest. Many others, like myself, have realized that we produce an astounding amount of waste and seek to do something about it. “Doing something” on an individual level is easy, and when many people do so, the changes we make create sustainability,” he wrote.

Kyle went on to describe a few ways he trying to “go green,” such as reducing his plastic waste by using refillable water bottles and reducing his carbon footprint by being mindful of his energy consumption — he always makes sure to turn off the lights in a room he’s not using.

On winning the scholarship, Kyle said he is grateful and it will allow him to continue to focus on his studies.

“[This scholarship] means I can better myself to make a larger impact on the world around me. Scholarships like this one help people make a change, and that’s what I want to do after I graduate,” he also commented.

It’s clear that not only is Kyle committed to sustainability, he also has a bright future in front of him. At Elite Fixtures, we’re proud to be a small part of that.

Congratulations, Kyle!

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