A Look at Cavaliere Range Hoods

If you’re in need of a range hood, Cavaliere produces a beautiful line of them. Here are some tips, stemming from customer queries that we’ve received, regarding Cavaliere features and installation procedures. Sometimes buying online can present purchase problems via information misunderstandings. Knowing what kind of unit you need, and getting the correct dimensions and installation facts prior to purchase – can save a lot of hassle in the long run.


Range hoods are usually defined by their type, such as wall mounted hoods, island hoods and under cabinet hoods. Wall mounts are range hoods that are installed against a wall. Since many older homes still have ovens that are positioned against a wall, either wall hoods or under cabinet hoods are usually needed. Under cabinet hoods fit directly beneath a hanging wall cabinet. Often ceiling cabinets are placed over a stove, in which case, the hood would fit directly under the cabinet, just over the stove top. In this case, width measurements are important. Island hoods are those that suspend from the ceiling, and hang just above a stove top that is positioned in the center of a kitchen. Let’s take a look at the Cavaliere range hoods:

Can the range hood be installed on a vaulted ceiling? This is something you will need to speak with your contractor about if they are able to do this type of install for you. The range hood comes with a telescopic chimney up to a 9 ft ceiling. You will need to purchase a chimney extension, but again you will need to speak with your contractor first if this type of installation will work for you. It is not recommended.

I want to install the range hood below the minimum height requirement. Can I do this? It is not recommended from the factory, but you can still do this. Please ask your contractor on the steps. You will need to cut the chimney.

My ceiling is only 7 ft and 7 inches; can I install this range hood if I mount it a little above the maximum mounting requirement? All Cavaliere range hoods require a minimum ceiling height of 8 ft. You have to have at least an 8 ft ceiling to install their hoods. If your ceiling is under 8 ft you will need to ask your contractor if he is able to cut the hood for you and make a proper installation that will work for you.


Does the unit come with a built in damper? If not what kind should I buy? The unit does not come with a damper, but the manufacturer has flappers you can purchase that will fit.   You can purchase an external damper from a local source.

Are the range hoods brushed or polished stainless steel?   Brushed stainless steel.

Is there an option for an external blower? Cavaliere hoods already have the blower installed inside the hood.

Does Cavaliere sell a trim kit to go around the upper chimney, like crown molding? No they do not.

How do I get a chimney extension for my Cavaliere range hood? You will need to know how high your ceiling height is. If it is above 9 ft, then you will need a chimney extension.   Cavaliere has chimney extensions that are for a 10 ft, 11 ft and 12 ft ceiling. Please note: the sizes of the chimney extension refer to the ceiling height; the chimney extension itself is not 10,11,12 ft, etc.

What gauge is the stainless steel? 19 gauge.

What type of stainless steel? 201

Are the lights white or yellow? The lights have a yellow tint to them.

What is the aluminum duct size? The aluminum duct is 6 inches for the 218 series and 8 inches for the AP238 series

What about the noise? On the highest fan setting, it’s about as loud as a running refrigerator.


Do they fit all cook tops? Cavaliere range hoods are equipped for all residential cook tops and ranges. The range hoods 6 speed levels will give you the option to control the settings airflow.

What is the difference between single chamber motor and dual squirrel cage? A dual chamber has two separate squirrel cage fan blades that will take air individually. The single squirrel cage fan blade uses one large blade only.

What is the difference between stainless steel baffle filters and aluminum? Stainless steel baffle filters are more durable in the long run and easier to clean. Aluminum will need to be changed out every 3-6 months depending on how much you cook.

Is there a re-circulation feature on under cabinets? Cavaliere under cabinets do not have a re-circulation option. All under cabinets must be vented outside.

What is the light bulb replacement? The model is a GU10 35 watt. If you get a GU10 LED bulb, you would lose out on the option of dimming the lights.

Can an under cabinet be vented out from the back? No, all under cabinets vent out from the top. Only the model UC200 can vent out from the back. It is only 280 cfm.

What is the distance from the stove to the hood for installation? Please refer to the installation pdf. It will show the maximum and minimum mounting distances one can install the hood at for the most efficiency.

Can the unit be sold without the vents on the upper chimney? No, the unit cannot be sold without the vents on the upper chimney. Some units have the option for a re-circulation kit. (sold separately)

Cavalier is a specialist in complete stainless steel range hood collections, incorporating the latest technologies with superior components, making them a leader in the industry. Cavaliere focuses on the design and development of every product utilizing a unique understanding of the kitchen environment, ergonomics, aesthetics and integration within the home or workplace. View all Cavaliere products.

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