How To Size a Foyer Chandelier


One of our manufacturer’s recently offered a tip on how to size and select the perfect foyer chandelier. It drove us to ‘thinking about’ customer queries we often receive, regarding how to select the right chandelier for any room. With online sales driving brick and mortar businesses to locational scarcity, most homeowners are forced to do their shopping online. Hiring an interior designer of course, would nip this sizing issue in the bud. However, what if it’s just a simple DIY fixture replacement?

Having to make an important lighting decision based on an online web-store’s photo and listed product dimensions, often leaves customers confused. Homeowners are forced to use their ‘best guess’, and most of them quite frankly, try to simply ‘eyeball’ it and then choose. That usually means returning a product that doesn’t fit the space. Since many manufacturers no longer accept ‘buyer remorse’ returns without charging restock fees, additionally, customers are often left to pay the shipping fees to send the item back to the manufacturers. All kinds of things happen in the shipping process to and from warehouses and homesteads. What’s a homeowner to do?

Here are a few suggestions, from not only Maxim Lighting, but from our point of view as well:


Featured: Maxim Lighting Chantilly Collection

Maxim Lighting has many designer choices in chandeliers such as the Chantilly that creates a classy, elegant ambiance. The foyer is usually one’s first impression of your home. A chandelier would be a perfect fit when there is at least 3 feet of space available. To determine the size of chandelier, add the length and width (sq. feet) of the foyer and convert to inches.  [For example – a 10 by 12 foot foyer would require a 22 inch wide fixture].


Feiss: Oberlin Collection P1426SN-LED                                                                                                              Crystorama: Pallas Collection 529-SA

Measuring for Rooms in General

To Determine Width of Chandelier

  • Know your room dimensions. Measure the height and width of the room. Then add the two measurements together. Convert the feet measurement to inches. If your room is 10’ x 20’, (10 + 20 = 30) a chandelier with a 30” diameter would best fit your space.

To Determine Height of Chandelier

  • Measure the ceiling height, from the point of installation (point where you plan to hang the fixture) to the floor. Multiply the height by approximately 3” (1 foot wall height to 3” chandelier height, per foot measurement). So, if you have a 10 ft ceiling, multiply that by 3 and you get 30, or 30” diameter.

A second option would be to determine a chandelier’s size by strictly the width of the room. Measure the width of the room, then and calculate 2 inches per every foot. A 12-foot-wide room would need a 24-inch-wide chandelier. The measurement doesn’t have to be perfect to these suggestions. It can be an approximation by a few inches, give or take.


Feiss: Cascade Collection F2661/8+4HTBZ and Khloe Collection P1412ORB

Take these other things into account as well: (image above)

Remember that finish, amount of bulbs on a fixture, choice of shade types and overall style will have a great impact on your room as well. If you choose a chrome or satin nickel finish with clear glass shades, the fixture will allow the human eye to visually see through it – giving the appearance of a larger room. Whereas if you choose an oil rub bronze fixture with amber or opaque shades, the eye view will stop once it meets the fixture, thus a room may appear smaller visually, as the fixture would then be a purposeful attraction for the room, thus possibly obstructing a full view of the room.

While shopping from online stores can seem confusing at first, a great customer service department can always assist you by phone or chat. It’s worth it to reach out and ask, prior to purchasing when in doubt. One phone query might save you more than you think – and if you do your homework first, chances are it will truly pay off in the long run!

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