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For 2016 interior design trends, we will see a movement towards simplified color palettes that incorporate organic and natural elements. We were asked recently by Natalie Richardson to provide a few tips on design trends for 2016. Here’s a few ideas we have about what’s happening on the USA home front. Check out some other ideas from, that hail from other parts of the globe too!

2016 Design Trends - Anji Mountain Confetti Paper Shag

Anji Mountain AMB0452-0810 Confetti Paper Shag

Many now seek to part from the technological assaults the outer world commands of them.  Lots of natural sunlight, nature colors and sparsely furnished rooms with functional but soft and comfortable seating is popular. Couches and chairs with pet friendly fabrics that require very little effort to clean are sought now. Simplification in home decor reflects our biological need to remain connected to Earth properties – sans electronics.


Hard flooring is still the easiest to clean, whether it is made of cement, wood or stone. There is still a strong preference for very dark stains. While the lighter floor shades help to open up a room, the darker stains help to create drama. Floor sheen’s are no longer shiny, but are in various types of matte finishes. Bamboo is an organic material that is being used more. For softness and ease on human feet, fuller, solid shag or geometric design throw rugs help to create room warmth.

The Confetti Paper Shag Ethereal, Cumulonimbus cloud-like puffs of unbelievably soft fabric invite bare foot days and nights while maintaining a refined, contemporary disposition. This rug also makes a compelling sustainability statement with its inventive use of recycled paper in its pile.

2016 Design Trends - Hinkley-3872bn

Hinkley Lighting 3872BN Foyer Meridian


Table and floor lamps are being replaced by simple-design pendants and ceiling lights. Ceiling fixtures help to lift the atmosphere of a room as they can more easily spread light into the surrounding air. Fixture styling trends are of cleaner cuts and sleeker looks, with less ornamentation. The Hinkley Meridian (3872BN) features minimal transitional styling with clean lines, soft curves and low-profile faceted 1/2″ thick glass. The stem-hung simplistic design adds a crisp focal point to any room decor.

2016 Design Trends - Uttermost

Uttermost Accent Piece Options

Home Decor

Think – less clutter, fewer possessions and featuring prominently in one’s environment, a few items that carry true emotional significance. Technological advances have dissolved the need for large stereo systems and bulky televisions. Music CD’s and videos are vacating shelves, as they’ve been replaced by the use of cell phones, tablets and flat screens. With more ‘room’ space, homeowners are beginning to explore aspects of their inner creativity and are doing so via the use of color and carefully chosen items that reflect aspects of the inner soul.

Uttermost offers one of the most broad and most current product lines in the world. Their line includes accent furniture, decorative mirrors, alternative wall, art, clocks, lamps, lighting fixtures, botanicals and accessories. is an Uttermost Lighting authorized dealer.

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