5 Reasons to Buy LED


You’ve probably heard all the hype about LEDs but are still unsure whether or not they are a good fit for your home. Here are five reasons to hop on the bandwagon and incorporate LED lighting into your living space.

1. LEDs are low-maintenance
A typical LED light that burns 8 hours a day can last about 17 years before it needs changing, making LED bulbs an ideal choice for hard-to-reach lights.

2. They conserve energy
They produce the same level of brightness as CFLs and incandescent bulbs while using 80% less energy.

3. LEDs are safer for the environment
LED’s do not contain mercury or any other hazardous material unlike CFL bulbs.

4. They save you money!
LED lights cost less to operate than CFL bulbs or incandescents. One study found that over the lifetime of an LED light (estimated at 50,000 hours), LEDs cost just $95 to operate — CFLs, by comparison, cost $159 over the same period, and incandescents cost a whopping $652 (about.com).

5. Innovation and Improvement
LED’s have come a long way. Before LED’s were only able to produce a cold, sometimes harsh light. However, due to the rise in demand, manufacturers have began to produce LED’s that are capable of producing a warm, ambient light which has given rise to LED chandeliers and pendants.

(Photo: Peterssen/Keller Architecture via Houzz)

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