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> Besa Lighting RXP-4395HN-SN

Besa Lighting RXP-4395HN-SN Besa Lighting Rxp 4395 Sn Single Light Halogen Pendant With Satin Nickel Metal Finish

Sku # RXP-4395HN-SN

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  • Besa Lighting Rxp 4395 Sn Single Light Halogen Pendant With Satin Nickel Metal Finish
  • Besa Lighting Rxp 4395 Sn Single Light Halogen Pendant With Satin Nickel Metal Finish
  • Besa Lighting Rxp 4395 Sn Single Light Halogen Pendant With Satin Nickel Metal Finish
Product Description
Besa Lighting Rxp 4395 Sn Single Light Halogen Pendant With Satin Nickel Metal Finish
This One Light Track Pendant has a Nickel Finish and is part of the Zumi Collection.
Detailed Description: The Zumi is a slender yet shapely handcrafted glass with a open top and bottom. This unique décor is handcrafted, with layered swirls of yellow-amber and golden-brown against white, finished to a high gloss. It’s classic swirl pattern and high gloss surface has a truly florid gleam. Honey is a hand-blown glass designed to have a shiny and polished finish. The glass is gathered and rolled into shape a unique pattern is formed that cannot be replicated.  This blown glass is handcrafted by a skilled artisan, utilizing century-old techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each piece of this décor has its own unique artistic nature that can be individually appreciated. The 12V cord pendant fixture is equipped with a 10' coaxial cordset with teflon jacket, quick connect jack and a Besa Rail Adapter. These stylish and functional luminaries are offered in a beautiful Satin Nickel finish.
Glass Decor Name: The personal experience and artistry of each individual glassmaker is infused into every piece, so natural variations may occur.
Bulbs Included: Small differences in thickness, color, pattern, or dimensions are normal and are part of the essence of handcrafted glass, giving character and distinction to your luminaries.
Livex Lighting 6516-91 Collection Dining & Foyer Chandeliers
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