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Bassett Mirror Co

Bassett Mirror Co

Bassett Mirror Co has been a known brand in America's homes since 1922.  Having been founded on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountain in Virigina, it has become a leader in its vertical. It's amazing history of four generations, Bassett Mirror Co makes more than just mirrors!  It's Home Accents division offers a beautiful decorative mirrors, framed art and  all styles of lighting. Enjoy the Bassett line here at EliteFixtures and bring that beauty into your home.

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Bassett Mirror Co Collections
Old World

Old World







Collections " - A
"Algebra" Chest "Cafe" Chalkboard "Camden" Screen
"Chemist" Cabinet "Flora's" Table "Foundry" Rack
"Madison" Chest "Millinery" Chest "Safari" Chest
"Schoolhouse" Chalkboard A Day of Surfing A Double Point
A Drop in the Bucket A Look into the Forset, Set of 3 A Sailor's Morning
A Touch of Red I & II (pair) A Venetian Stroll IV A Venetian Stroll V
Abbey Abigail Adara Lamp
Adonis Adventure In Color Aero
Airplane Alberta Alda
Alessandra Aleta Alexis
Alissa All Sports Alphabet
Alphabet Sampler I & IV Alston Amadeus
Ambiento Amherst Angelica
Angler Antiquarian Tulip I Antique Astronomy Chart I
Antique Astronomy Chart II Antique Blue Nautilus Antique Blue Sand Dollar
Antique Blue Starfish I Antique Blue Starfish II Antique Map Study
Antique Nautilus I Antique Nautilus II Antique Ship Plan VII
Antique Ship Plan VIII Aphrodite Arabella
Aragon Arcos Armorel
Arquatto Asheville Ashland Heights
Athena Atlas @ Rockefeller Center Autumn's Delight I
Autumn's Delight II Axton Azule

Collections B
Babson Bacall Baka
Balen Bali Hai Ballenger
Ballet Point Baluster Bancroft
Bar Cart Barbarella Barika
Bas Relief Beach Days Beatlemania
Beauty In A Row Beauty in Crystal Beauty Of Color
Beckett Bejeweled Belgarvia
Belgian Modern Bellagio Bellamy
Belle' Bending Abstract Bennett
Benta Biarritz Big Ben
Bimini 6 Drawer Chest Binghampton Table Birds (Set of 4)
Birds on a Perch I Birds on a Perch II Birds on a Perch,Set of 4
Biscayne Chest Black & White I Black and White Film I
Black and White Film II Black Dog Canoe Black Dog Ski
Blowing in the Breeze Blue & Taupe Blooms I & II Blue & White Floral Motif I,II
Blue & White Floral Motif III, IV Blue Porcelain Vase I Blue Porcelain Vase II
Boden Bolton Bon Voyage I
Bon Voyage II Bonapart Cabinet Bonte
Boodles Coat Rack Boothby Borghese
Botanical View I Botanical View II Botanical View III
Bowfront Hall Chest Branch Out Branching Out
Brandy Bridget Broken Glass
Brooklyn Bridge Sketch Bruce's Buck Bubbles
Buddy's Cay Burton Butterfly I
Butterfly IV Butterfly Prose Panel I Butterfly Prose Panel II

Collections C
Cadence Canoes A Float Cantering Horse
Capistrano Cappuccino Carlina
Carlotta Carmel Carnivale
Carrington Cassis Castello
Celene Chain Of Circles Channing
Chaparral Chapman Charisse
Chelsea Chequers Chrysler Building
City of Rome Grid City Scene Clemence
Clifton Climbing Floral, Set of 2 Coffee Break, set of 4
Collette Color Spectular Conch
Concorde Connecting the Circles Consuela
Contempo Branches Contessa Mirrored Jewelry Chest Copper in Abstract (Set of 2)
Copper Medallion Copper Mist Copper Moon
Copper Vase Corinth Cotswold
Country Bouquet Crimson in Bloom Custom Buttercup I
Custom Buttercup II Custom Quays of London I Custom Quays of London II
Custom Stone Carving I Custom Stone Carving II Customzen Modern I, II, III

Collections D
Dacio Dahila 22 Daisy A Day
Daktari Dali Darrelle
Dauphine Decorative Relief II Decorative Relief III
Decorative Relief IV Deep Ocean Delano
Diana Dickens Distressed Map I - Hand Colored
Distressed Map II - Hand Colored Diversion III Diversion IV
Donatella Double Metalic Leaves Dover
Downtown Nights Dramatic Blooms I Dramatic Blooms II
Dramatic Blooms III Dunhill

Collections E
Easy Living Echo Ecto
Edgartown Edison Edwardin
Edwina Ekala El Caballo
Elana Elation Eldridge
Eleanore Elegant Hydrangeas I Elegant Hydrangeas II
Eleganza Elements of Nature Elephant Hunt
Ellington Embellished Earthware I Embellished Earthware II
Ember Lantern Embrace Empire State Building I
Empire State Building II Empress Enchanted
Erowin Etagere Evanthe Screen
Evening Sun Over Hokkaido Excelsior Exchequer Desk

Collections F
Fall Time I Fall Time II Felicity
Ferns in Bamboo Figi Filberta
Find The Zebra Fiona Fiorenza
Flair Fleur de Lis Tulips Floating Colors
Flora Flower Market Flowers at Night
Folded Ranunculus Fouquet Fulham
Fun Day Complete

Collections G
Gable Gaipan Galen
Galindo Garland Geneva
Gilded Tree I Gilded Tree II Gilded Tree III
Gilded Tree IV Golden Hourglass Golden Koi I
Golden Palace Golden Still Life Golden Tile Poppies
Golden Trees Golden Truth Golden Vine, Set of 3
Gordon Martini Table Gordon Tea Cart Graduating Ships
Graphic Cornice I Graphic Cornice II Grecian Urn I
Grecian Urn II Greencicles Gulfstream

Collections H
Halcyon Urn I Halcyon Urn II Hallman
Hampton Happy Hour Harbortown Tray Table
Harrison Hatteras Helena
Helix Here Fishie..Fishie Hermosa
Heron Anthology I Heron Anthology II Heston
High Rise Hitchcock Hollister
Hollywood Glam Hotchkiss Chest

Collections I
Ice Iconic Architecture I Iconic Architecture II
Imprint Guitar Imprint Piano Industrial
Industrial Bubbles Industrial Chic Industrial Gear Era
Infinito Iris Fusion I Iris Fusion II
Isis Italian Mosaic I Italian Mosaic II

Collections J - K
Jacoranda Jambala 3 Drawer Chest Jarman's Dress II, (#'d and signed)
Jasmine Jasmine 8 Drawer Chest Jaune Tourbillon
Jewels Josephine Kaleido
Kanobi Katrina Folding Table Kenbridge
Kid Time (set of 3) Kindle King of Pop Crowned
Kingston Kipling Kokomon

Collections L
La Scala La Seyne-sur-Mer Lafayette Chest
Lahela Lake Of Trees Lakota
Lanna Latitude Layers Stacked
Laying Low I Laying Low II Le Cercle
Let's Vino / Set of 2 Levanzo Libra
Lido Light & Shade Light the Way
Links Literary Treasures London

Collections M
Mabon Macon Maddox
Madox Magnitude of Purple Majestic I
Majestic II Maple Foliage Marais
Marcello Marche de Fleurs Mardigras
Mariners Trunk - Set/3 Marissa Marquis
Mellon Menagerie 3 Drawer Chest Metropolis
MidCentury Groove Midnight Rosette I, II, III, IV Minuet 2 Door Cabinet
Miraval Mirror-Mirror Mirrored Cabriole Leg Chest
Mirrored Campaign Chest Mirrored Door Mini Chest Mixed Miniatures (Set Of 7)
Mocchaito Modern Elegance Modile
Modular Mates Moroccan Deail I Moroccan Deail II
Motion Sway, - Set if 3 Multi Palm Multi Poppie (set of 9)
Murano Mystical Butterflies Set/3 Mystical Doors, Set of 2

Collections N
Nailhead Nala Native Palms I
Native Palms II Natures Imprint I Natures Imprint II
Natures Imprint III Natures Imprint IV Nautilus
Nebula Neo Neufforge Gate I, IV
Neville Newcombe Noon I
Noon II Novello Numeral I
Numeral II

Collections O - P
Ogden Old Faithful Old World
Omega Side Table Omni Onyx
Opus Orange Expression Orbits
Orbits, Set of 2 Oregon Oslo
Palazzina Palazzo Palestra
Palm Of Three Palmer Palms I
Palms II Pan Pacific Paparazzo
Paprika Paris II Paris Journal I
Paris Journal II Paris Nights Parthenon
Pastoral Tableau I & III Patinoire Patmore
Peaceful Beach Peaceful Morning Pearl
Pearl Hourglass Pearls Pears Reflections
Pemberton Pierce Pinehurst
Pirouette Pisces Playing with Patterns II
Pom-Pom Pontevecchio Poppies
Poppy Palette I Poppy Palette II Portico
Portman Poseidon Posh
Power of Love II Prazzo Presto
Priazzo Prisms Proximity Drop Leaf Table
Pup Putnam

Collections Q - R
Quasar Raffles Rainy Abstract
Raja Rapidan Red Abstract
Redford Reflections Regency
Regent Regis Remember When
Ritz Martini Table River Run II Roma
Romance of the Shell I Romance of the Shell II Rose Fresco I
Rose Fresco II Rose Fresco III Roses In A Vase
Rosinna Rowdy Red Royal Peacock

Collections S
Sadia Salzburg Sarasota
Sasha Sazerac Scallop
Seaside Harbor I Seeing Double Palms Set/2 Sergio
Shell I Shell II Shell III
Sigourney Silhouette Silver-Leafed Horizon
Simone Simply Nude Sinestra
Sketches in Europe I Sketches in Europe II Skirted
Solitude I Solitude II Song Birds I
Song Birds II Songbird 3 Drawer Chest Sound of the Sixties
Sparrow Spice Palette Spoleto
Spots of Glitter Spring Fields Springfield Chest
Sprockets Squares A Daisy Stacking Blocks
Stacking the Blocks Stafford Stainless
Stand Tall Palm II Standing Tall Palms (set of 2) Stardust
Starfish Starshine Steam Punk
Sterling3 Drawer Chest Stockton Stripes in Motion
Stunning Ferns in Black Sullivan Motion Summer Garden I
Summer Garden II Sun Valley Sunset & Palms
Sunset Awaiting Sunset Canoe Sunshine Mums I
Sunshine Mums II Sweet Peppers Swirls In Silver

Collections T
Tabor Taipan Tambour
Tangelo Telestar Thaxton
The Bridge The Fixture The Lily Pads, Set of 3
The Marsh The Ocean Beauty The Palm
The Red Barn The Rosette The Seven Year Itch
The Shadows The waiting Tree Threadneedle Chest
Tiat Tic-Tac-Toe Chest Tivoli
Tory Short Pedestal Traces of Leaves Tranquil Tropical Leaves I
Tranquil Tropical Leaves II Tranquil Tropical Leaves III Tranquil Tropical Leaves IV
Transitions Translucent Flower Translucent Leaves
Travel Collage I Travel Collage II Travel Collage III
Travel Collage IV Trees Line Up I Trees Line Up II
Tri-Banana Leaf Tribeca Triple Sail
Trois Fleurs Tulip At Rest Tulip Impressions
Tulip In Bloom Tulips In Bloom Tuomo
Tupelo Tuscan Overtures Two Of A Kind
Two Reds

Collections U - V
Union Jack Chest - Painted Flag Motif Upton Uruguay
Usher Valencia Vallejo
Vanessa Vendome Venetian
Verona Versailles Vertical Colors
Viceroy Victorian Vienna
View From Pier Villa Granada Vintage Air Mail I
Vintage Air Mail II Vintage Chintz I Vintage Chintz II
Vintage Diderot III Vintage Diderot IV Vintage World Map
Vive La Bourgogne Vivid Chintz I Vivid Chintz II
Vivid Chintz III Vivid Chintz IV Vorster

Collections W
Walden Wampali Warmth
Watchman Water Works Waterstone
Waterways of Venice IV Waterways of Venice XI Waterways of Venice XVII
Waves of Color, set of 2 Weathered Bouquet / Set of 3 Webb
Webster Wellington Weston
Westover White A Float Whythe
Wickham Wild & Free Wine COUNTRY I
Wine COUNTRY II Woman's Face Sketch I Woman's Face Sketch II

Collections X - Z

X's & O'x X-Ray Leaves Yuba
Zoe Zulu Zuma
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