Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are one of the most versatile lights you can install in your home. They come is so many shapes, sizes and types that you can install them in any room and it will be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Pendants are hanging light fixtures that are alternatives to having large fixtures, such as a floor lamp or a chandelier taking up all the room. Also, you can always use pendant lights as supplementing lighting if you do indeed use a chandelier.

You’re not only limited to single down down-light pendant. Pendant lights can have either an up light or down light. One fixture is not limited to only one pendant, but there can be multiple ones mounted together. Also, some pendents have a drum shade, which, which has a more circular body.

Check out our favorite pendant looks that would go great in any room.

This ET2 Lighting Disco 5-Light LED pendant is a great example of multiple pendants in one fixture. It would go great in your kitchen.

Disco 5-Light LED Pendant
ET2 Lighting E22685-01PC Disco 5-Light LED Pendant

This Elk Lighting Satin Nickle Geologic Mini Pendent with Tri Color Swirl Blown Class Shade would be great for a bedroom to replace a table lamp or over a study area to save space

Satin Nickel Geologic 1 Light Mini Pendant with Tri-Color Swirl Blown Glass Shade
Satin Nickel Geologic 1 Light Mini Pendant with Tri-Color Swirl Blown Glass Shade

The Conduit 25Lt Pendant from Troy Lighting is a great and unique alternative to a chandelier.


Conduit 25Lt Pendant
Troy Lighting F3816 Conduit 25Lt Pendant

The Three-Light Rialto Pendant from Sea Gull Lighting is a great example of an uplight pendant that can be used in a dining room or kitchen.

Three-Light Rialto Pendant
Sea Gull Lighting 65361-965 Three-Light Rialto Pendant

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Bedroom Lighting Tips

The purpose of a bedroom has evolved from just using it for sleep. More daily functions are being done in the bedroom, such as watching television, reading and work. It is important to blend functionality with style.

Elk Lighting 11233/3 Three Light Pendant Ceiling Fixture

Layering of light is important and all rooms should have multiple light sources and should not rely on just one overhead source.

  • Natural light is the best kind of light. Try to allow as much in as possible.
  • When you’re in bed or at your desk table lamps and wall sconces are great for doing specific tasks
  • Install a ceiling fan with a light kit so that it can serve two functions: to keep you cool and to provide light
  • chandeliers are great in a bedroom to add a dramatic effect

*Tip – try looking for products within the same style family for easy coordination
Check out the different collections that Sea Gull Lighting has to offer

When choosing lamps, consider lamps that have different or stylized bodies to add design to a room. Like this Diamond Lighting Single Light Table Lamp


For a dramatic look use a chandelier, as stated earlier, as an overhead light that also acts as a focal point.  A great feature to add if you can is a dimmer switch. That way you can control the lighting in your room and set it to your preference.

Pendant lights and wall sconces are a creative alternative to wall lamps if you are lacking on the space factor. There are a variety of styles and designs that are available to add a nice design element to the room.

Single Light Pendant Ceiling Fixture
ET2 Lighting EP96002-20SN Single Light Pendant Ceiling Fixture Minx Collection

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your lamp, avoid using opaque and dark lamp shades. Darker lampshades absorb the light, which results in less illumination.

Check out for your lighting and furniture needs


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Tips to Lighting Your Bathroom

Layered lighting is always important, but it is especially important in the bathroom. You need to layer your light for best visibility because if you don’t, shadow and glares will be cast. Your eyes will not see what is really going on, making it harder to function.

ET2 Lighting E23251-20PC Bangle 1 Light Bathroom Vanity Light Bulbs Included

Bathrooms need the best light because that is where you start your day and get ready.  The two places that need the best light are the vanity and the shower. There you need to add vanity specific lights and recessed lights. To supplement the vanity and recessed lights, try adding accent lights, such as wall sconces, because adding those will create the layered effect we need.

ET2 E22394-10PC Polished Chrome Wand LED 48 Wide Single-Bulb Bathroom Light Fixture
ET2 Lighting E22394-10PC ET2 E22394-10PC Polished Chrome Wand LED 48 Wide Single-Bulb Bathroom Light Fixture

Bathrooms give off the similar feeling as if you were looking at yourself in natural sunlight. You can find light bulbs that imitate natural light by checking for their Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) rating. Lights that have a CRI of 80 or above should be used in bathrooms. You can find halogen or LED light bulbs in most bathroom fixtures.

Maxim Lighting 10003CLPC 3 Light Bath Vanity Cubic Collection $298.00

You can’t just put any fixture you like into a bathroom. You need to make sure that it is properly rated. Bathroom fixtures need to be rated UL Damp or UL Wet since they are exposed to moisture. UL Damp cannot come into direct contact with water, but it can withstand moisture.



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Illuminating Illusions: Quick Fixes for Cramped Spaces

Does your room seem smaller than it actually is? A quick way to create the illusion of space is to play with the lighting. Here are some tips to help.

One of the more permanent, but also more aesthetically pleasing, fixes is the increase the natural light through the addition of windows and/or skylights. Essentially, this allows for dispersed light instead of direct light, which eliminates shadows and reduces strain on the eyes.

Another method is to install pendant lighting in place of table and floor lamps. The functional aspect of pendants is that they clear up valuable floor and table space. Also, pendant lights draw eyes upwards, which creates the illusion of more vertical space. Pendant lighting is much more delicate and reduce the large blocky forms that would distract the eye from the overall harmony from the room.

Carte 1-Light Pendant
ET2 Lighting E91041-39BZ Carte 1-Light Pendant

The use of mirrors is a classic trick to create depth in a room. Mirrors reflect light and color to make rooms bigger.

Bacall Rectangle End
Bassett Mirror Co M3233EC Bacall Rectangle End Venetian Collection

One last tip is to replace large overhead fixtures with several smaller lighting elements to create movement in the room as the eye travels. Large overhead fixtures tend to draw the eye to one spot, which makes the room seem smaller.

ET2 Lighting E22067-26 Rustic Country Two Light Up Lighting Wall Sconce Bloom Collection



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Choosing the Proper Foyer Fixture


It is imperative to have a properly lit foyer, as it is the first part of the home that guests see upon walking in. Choosing the proper foyer fixture is actually quite simple.

Fixture Height – In general, it is best to leave roughly 84″ from the bottom of the fixture to the floor. If your ceilings are below 84″, then try a flush-mount or recessed lighting fixture.

Fixture Width – In order to find a fixture with the proper width, simply add the length and width of the space the fixture is to occupy. For example, if your space was 12 feet wide and 10 feet long, the proper width for your fixture would be 22″ (12 + 10).

Style – Consider the overall style of both your home, and the entry. It should match any underlying themes of your decor and personal style.

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Become A Lighting Pro: Outdoor Lighting Effects from Kichler Lighti


The benefits of functional outdoor lighting are fairly well-known. Aside from providing safety and security, outdoor lighting can also highlight the focal points of your outdoor space, and create a warm, inviting feeling, welcoming guests into your home.

With that said, here are a few different ways to light your exterior space, courtesy of Kichler Lighting.  (more…)

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Lighting the Dining Room


Today’s dining rooms reflect consumer’s changing lifestyles. Once used solely for daily dining, this room has become multipurpose. During the week, we use the dining room as a work zone, for homework, crafts, and organizational meetings. On the weekends and special occasions, it becomes a gathering place for parties and meals. The result? Dining rooms must boast multiple lighting options that can go from functional to fashionable in the flip of a switch.

To get the best balance of illumination in the dining room, opt for layers of light.  The most important thing a homeowner should recognize is that a dining room will look under lit if the only light source is a chandelier.  A chandelier that is bright enough to illuminate a room will be too bright for comfort when dining. Likewise, if the chandelier’s light is comfortable on the eyes, it will be too dim and look flat.  (more…)

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Mini Chandeliers


Smaller chandeliers aren’t just used in small powder rooms. People are treating their bedroom suites as more luxurious personal spaces with elaborate sitting areas and bathroom areas, so it is not unreasonable to consider mini chandeliers for the bedroom too. Mini chandeliers add a new sense of intimacy to small rooms and to corner spaces and alcoves of larger ones.   (more…)

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