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Become A Lighting Pro: Outdoor Lighting Effects from Kichler Lighti


The benefits of functional outdoor lighting are fairly well-known. Aside from providing safety and security, outdoor lighting can also highlight the focal points of your outdoor space, and create a warm, inviting feeling, welcoming guests into your home.

With that said, here are a few different ways to light your exterior space, courtesy of Kichler Lighting.  Continue reading

Lighting the Dining Room


Today’s dining rooms reflect consumer’s changing lifestyles. Once used solely for daily dining, this room has become multipurpose. During the week, we use the dining room as a work zone, for homework, crafts, and organizational meetings. On the weekends and special occasions, it becomes a gathering place for parties and meals. The result? Dining rooms must boast multiple lighting options that can go from functional to fashionable in the flip of a switch.

To get the best balance of illumination in the dining room, opt for layers of light.  The most important thing a homeowner should recognize is that a dining room will look under lit if the only light source is a chandelier.  A chandelier that is bright enough to illuminate a room will be too bright for comfort when dining. Likewise, if the chandelier’s light is comfortable on the eyes, it will be too dim and look flat.  Continue reading

Mini Chandeliers


Smaller chandeliers aren’t just used in small powder rooms. People are treating their bedroom suites as more luxurious personal spaces with elaborate sitting areas and bathroom areas, so it is not unreasonable to consider mini chandeliers for the bedroom too. Mini chandeliers add a new sense of intimacy to small rooms and to corner spaces and alcoves of larger ones.   Continue reading