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Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are one of the most versatile lights you can install in your home. They come is so many shapes, sizes and types that you can install them in any room and it will be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Pendants are hanging light fixtures that are alternatives to having large fixtures, such as a floor lamp or a chandelier taking up all the room. Also, you can always use pendant lights as supplementing lighting if you do indeed use a chandelier.

You’re not only limited to single down down-light pendant. Pendant lights can have either an up light or down light. One fixture is not limited to only one pendant, but there can be multiple ones mounted together. Also, some pendents have a drum shade, which, which has a more circular body.

Check out our favorite pendant looks that would go great in any room.

This ET2 Lighting Disco 5-Light LED pendant is a great example of multiple pendants in one fixture. It would go great in your kitchen.

Disco 5-Light LED Pendant

ET2 Lighting E22685-01PC Disco 5-Light LED Pendant

This Elk Lighting Satin Nickle Geologic Mini Pendent with Tri Color Swirl Blown Class Shade would be great for a bedroom to replace a table lamp or over a study area to save space

Satin Nickel Geologic 1 Light Mini Pendant with Tri-Color Swirl Blown Glass Shade

Satin Nickel Geologic 1 Light Mini Pendant with Tri-Color Swirl Blown Glass Shade

The Conduit 25Lt Pendant from Troy Lighting is a great and unique alternative to a chandelier.


Conduit 25Lt Pendant

Troy Lighting F3816 Conduit 25Lt Pendant

The Three-Light Rialto Pendant from Sea Gull Lighting is a great example of an uplight pendant that can be used in a dining room or kitchen.

Three-Light Rialto Pendant

Sea Gull Lighting 65361-965 Three-Light Rialto Pendant

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lamps take holleywood featured image

Lamps Take Over Hollywood

We’ve been having tons of fun reimagining images from pop culture. You may recall our comic book covers and our video game art. Now, we present to you some famous movie posters reinvented with all your favorite lamp, lighting, bulb and shade themes!

Is there anything you would like to see us reimagine next time? Leave your requests in the comments below!

50 saheds of grey movie poster reimagined

blades of glory reimagined as shades of glory

pay it forward reimaged as shade it forward

fight club poster reimagined

blade reimagined as shade

lady and the tramp reimagined as lady and the lamp

johnny english reimagined

We want to thank graphic artist Lisa Benson who helped us bring our lamp meets Hollywood vision to life.

Brand Spotlight : Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley stands above the rest of the competition. Their award-winning product designs, innovative materials, and cutting-edge LED technology sets them apart from the competition. All their products are stylish and made of of the highest quality to make sure they are the perfect fit in your home.

Hathaway LED Semi Flush Ceiling Light

Hinkley lighting had humble roots. It first started in the early 20th century as a small family business in Ohio that primarily focused on outdoor lanterns. Almost one century later, the small family business became a global brand that includes interior lighting as well. Over the past four generations as their business evolved, Hinkley never strayed from their goal to bring the best in style, quality and value to their customers.

Olde Bronze 12 Light 41 Height Indoor Lantern Pendant from the Gentry Collection

Olde Bronze 12 Light 41 Height Indoor Lantern Pendant from the Gentry Collection

Every Hinkley product is handcrafted with luxurious finishes and artistic details that allows you create an environment that is defined by your own personal style. Hinkley offers a wide range of styles that can meet everyone’s personal tastes without sacrificing the craftsmanship or quality in each. Some of the collections that you can find at Hinkley are: Meridian, Cordillera, and Casa.

Rustic Iron Cordillera 10 Light 2 Tier Chandelier

Product Line
Hinkley’s outdoor collection includes: wall lights, landscape lighting, outdoor ceiling lights and various outdoor accessories. Their interior collection includes: wall lighting, chandeliers and pendants.

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Rangehood Maintenance

Rangehoods and fans remove grease and moisture from cooking, so naturally they collect dirt over time and require cleaning to stay efficient.
Easy maintenance you can do to upkeep your rangehood is to clean the exterior of it weekly with a damp cloth that won’t leave scratches on the surface.

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

Cavaliere Hoods SV218B2-30 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

The fans are one of the most important parts of a rangehood, but they can get really dirty from the excess dirt and grease. Make sure you upkeep the fans as often as you can with soap and water. Not maintaining it will not only decrease the efficiency of the rangehood, but poses a serious safety hazard.


Vents of rangehoods should also be cleaned out constantly. They become clogged with all the dirt and residue. You should always make sure this area stays clear. 

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

Cavaliere Hoods SV218D-30 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

Filters help trap unwanted airborne materials. They need to be changed out or washed occasionally to ensure that there won’t be a huge buildup. You should always consult with the owners manual on how to maintain your filter, because some filters have special instructions

PX12-U30, 30", 900 CFM, LED Lights, Baffle Filter W/ Grease Drain Tunnel, 1.0mm Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel, Under Cabinet Mount Range Hood

Xtreme Air USA PX12-U30 PX12-U30, 30″, 900 CFM, LED Lights, Baffle Filter W/ Grease Drain Tunnel, 1.0mm Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel, Under Cabinet Mount Range Hood Pro-X Series Collection





Creating a Feature Wall

Feature or focal walls are a great and simple way to add interest and depth into any room.

The wall that you choose be the main focus of the room. Some places might be above the fire place, above a sofa, by a desk, or above a bed.

You shouldn’t put your feature wall next to a door or window because it will minimize the design effect of the purpose of the wall. Also, you should try to pick the largest wall instead of the smallest so that you have a larger canvas to work with.

While most people assume that a feature wall is just a wall painted one different color from the rest, there are other ways to create one:

  • Wallpaper – offers a lot of different designs and textures
  • Add decorative features, like mirrors, paintings, pictures, or any other three dimensional objects.
  • Make the wall a mural and paint something yourself
  • Use chalkboard paint and you can have a nice canvas for the kids or for a huge note pad that you can write reminder for yourself with.


Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lights are an invaluable addition to any kitchen, office space or shelving unit. Under cabinet lights are perfect if you are looking for task lighting. Typically, under cabinet lights are attached to the bottom of a wall mounted cabinet.

There are four different types of under cabinet lights available: round lights (puck lights), strips lights or linear lights.  Also, under cabinet lighting options are available as fluorescent or LED.

Round Lights (Puck Lights)
The round under cabinet lights resemble hockey pucks. They are often a popular choice because of the easy installation (can be plugged in instead of wired into the house). There are also battery operated models available. Perfect for kitchen remodels where budget is an issue.

3 Light Puck Surface Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Sonneman’s Light Puck Surface Flush Mount Ceiling Light 

Strip Lights
Under cabinet lights are thin bands of plastic where small bulbs are built right into the plastic and like round lights they are another affordable option that does not have to be wired to the house. Slim fluorescent fixtures are small enough and light enough to be mounted at the front of the cabinets just behind the face frames. Their directional light can be controlled.

Standard Strip

AFX’s Standard Strip Light

Linear Lights (Rope Lights)
These linear lights are thinner than the other options. Since they are thinner and also flexible, they are easier to install and more pleasing to the eye because they are less likely to be seen.  They are not efficient in a sense as compared to other lights because they do provide as much light, but they are mainly used to compliment or accent other lighting in the room.

ET2 Eighteen Light White Under Cabinet Light


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Chandelier Maintenance

The chandelier in your home is a beautiful and intricate light fixture that is often the focal point of any room that it is in. To make sure that your chandelier keeps shining bright for years, make sure to give your chandelier a thorough cleaning at least once a year.

For many chandeliers, you can easily clean your own. If your chandelier is too difficult to access or clean, you may want to contact a professional cleaning service. Professional chandelier cleaning services may range from $700-$2000+, depending the the size and intricacy  of your chandelier.

Nuvo Lighting 60/4669 Margaux Nine Light Chandelier With Satin White Glass In Polished Nickel Finish

If you do choose to your own maintenance on your chandelier, here are a few tips.

Gather all the supplies you need:

  • Ladder – to reach the hard places if you can’t lower your chandelier.
  • Soft Cleaning Cloths/Gloves – to make sure that you leave no finger prints
  • Towel or Padding – to place underneath the fixture to cushion the fall if anything breaks
  • Cleaning Solution

Maxim Lighting 12024AD Maxim 12024AD Auburn Dusk Hampton 3 Light 1 Tier Mini Chandelier

TIPS Before Starting the Cleaning

  • Make sure the chandelier is cool temperature wise.
  • Take pictures of the chandelier for reference in case you need to take it apart and reassemble.

Cleaning the Chandelier

  • Wet the cloth with the cleaning solution and then clean the chandelier.
  • Dry each section you wet right away
  • If the chandelier has many parts, you can take it apart and clean — use the pictures you took earlier as reference to put it back together
  • You have to move physically yourself to clean around the chandelier instead of twisting it around, which might damage the wiring
Antique White 15 Height Traditional / Classic 1 Light Mini Chandelier from the Elise Collection

Elk Lighting 12017/1 Antique White 15 Height Traditional / Classic 1 Light Mini Chandelier from the Elise Collection

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nightshade video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures

Bright Idea: Popular Video Game Covers Reimagined

A little while back, we had a lot of fun mashing up comic book covers with lamps. SO much fun in fact, we wanted to reinvent other covers from pop culture. After some deliberation, we chose Video Games. After all, video game covers are known for being creative, exciting and inventive. We thought we could have a lot of fun reinventing them with a lighting theme. Here’s how they came out! nightshade video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures zelda video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures after burner video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures sim city video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures street fighter video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures

We hope you enjoyed these! Happy gaming :)

Lighting Terminology – Lumen

Manufacturers list an abundance of information about the color temperature, life, estimated yearly cost and lumens in addition to the wattage. Often, lumens and wattage gets confused or mistaken for each other, even though they are two completely different things. Wattage describes energy while lumens is a measure of brightness or visible light.

Sea Gull Lighting 97340S 4.5w 120V Clear B10 Candelabra Base LED 2700K Led Lamp Collection

Wattage and brightness has an inverse relationship in regards to LED (more lumens, less watts). Less energy is required now to light an LED bulb that has the same measure of brightness as a halogen or fluorescent bulb.

While there is no set determined amount of lumens required for each room, its based on a matter of preference and usage, here’s a basic guide to figure out how many lumens you might want to have per room.


Type of Room Light Colored Decor Medium Colored Decor Dark Colored Decor
56 Lumens per sq. ft 70 Lumens
per sq. ft
84 Lumens
per sq. ft
Living Room
Family Room
Utility Room
42 Lumens
per sq. ft
56 Lumens
per sq. ft
70 Lumens
per sq. ft
Dining Room
Entertainment Area
Storage Room
28 Lumens
per sq. ft
35 Lumens
per sq. ft.

42 Lumens
per sq. ft.

Exterior Lighting Tips

Appearance is everything and the first thing people see when they visit you is your house. That is why curb appeal is important when designing the exterior of your house. It gives the visitor an idea of what they should expect for the rest of your house. Exterior lights have a functional purpose as well, to guide them to your home. So, it is important the size, color and style of your outdoor lights are chosen wisely.

One of the first things to consider is size. Size does matter because your light fixture can be seen from yards away. When things are seen from a distance, they appear smaller than they actually are. To alleviate that issue, you should try to have larger fixtures outside.

Knob Hill Die Cast 3 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Maxim Lighting 3468CDSE Knob Hill Die Cast 3 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Most importantly, the largest fixture that should be attached to the exterior of your house is the one that is closest to your door. It highlights the entrance and the numbers on your house. When you’re picking the fixture, try to make sure:

  • To avoid a shadow from the door and light, you should install the light on the same side where you find the doorknob.
  • Find one that is proportionate to your door. It should be around one fourth the size of it.

Traditional Classic 1 Light 16 Height Outdoor Wall Lantern

Check out Capital Lighting’s Traditional Class Outdoor Wall Lantern from the Main Street Collection

You don’t want to have your light fixtures stand out too much for the wrong reason. Make sure that you pick colors that are complimentary to your exterior designs. There are a lot of styles available, so you are bound to find one that is perfect for your home. Also, you don’t want your light fixtures to stand out because they’re old and rusty. Pick ones that are made from durable material to get the best value.

Lights by the front door aren’t the only ones you should remember. Add lights around your house, especially on top of the garage or surrounding a walkway or driveway to make sure your house is properly illuminated. For these secondary lights, again larger is better.


Murray Feiss OL1908BK Black 4 Light Post Light from the Castle CollectionTry Murray Feiss’ Black 4 Light Post Light from the Castle Collection

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