Decorators Want You To Know…

Here are some things that decorators want you to know … and it comes straight from the pro’s themselves! We asked a group of decorators and designers what they would like for potential clients to know. We received so many great tips, that we decided to feature as many professionals as we could. We will be releasing more tips in ensuing weeks…because there is SO much more to share! Here are the first five responses we received…


Hire a designer that you can trust – they are spending your money, acting on your behalf and in many ways will know things about you that you might not even tell your closest confidant. If you do not understand or are unclear with what your designer is proposing, ask for clarification – this will ultimately save time and money in the long run. Designers are not psychic – communicate, communicate, communicate; it saves time and money in the long run.

George Brazil, CID


Understand that the design process takes time. Too many people have the impression (from watching design shows on TV) that they will get “the big reveal” immediately. They do not realize that the “make-over mentality” is created for TV. The reality is that the entire process takes time, including: building a relationship with the client, shopping and honing design direction, choosing and curating products and furniture. People hire designers because there are many different moving parts, and you need that expertise to manage it all. But quality design takes time. If you are hiring a decorator, trust in their expertise.

Sean Juneja
Co-Founder & CEO of Décor Aid


You hired us for our skill set and expertise.  Let us help you!  Many clients have a very difficult time letting go of the reigns, which really inhibits a project and the creative process.  Collaboration is wonderful; being a control freak is stifling. One of the greatest challenges is when you want us to decorate a room that is already half-done. It is next to impossible for me to create my look and accomplish what I want when I did not start from an empty (or near empty) space. I have no problem mixing in pieces you already own, like your grandmother’s table and things like that; but when you already went out and bought the sectional sofa or the rug, my hands are tied.

Rachel Schwartz


Reality shows are not reality! These shows leave people with unrealistic expectations of how much a decorator designed room costs and how long it takes. Nothing is perfect; sometimes the magic happens in the Plan B and it’s the reason you hire a professional! We do a lot of problem solving! You, as the client, have to be ready to purge or shed the old look. I can’t tell you how many times somebody hires me and then wants me to “work around” many things that do not fit into a new floor plan.

Carrie Leskowitz


“Free” estimates and quotes aren’t really “free” for the designer or decorator. It takes time to compile all the specs, products and items required for a project with pricing, as well as time to put together a schedule for a project. This time is often uncompensated or is incorporated into a project fee IF the designer/decorator is hired. Most states require designers to be licensed, which requires annual CEU attendance and education to keep up-to-date on code, trends and policy in the state the designer does business in, including specialty (IE: commercial, healthcare, government, education & kitchen/bath). Degrees from 2 or 4yr colleges are required to get licensed and in most states, to call yourself a “designer” you MUST have a college degree as opposed to a decorator which is not licensed.

There is a fee range based on: experience, education/license/certification level, area of expertise (residential vs. commercial vs. hospitality, kitchen/bath vs. LEED designer) and profile. Someone who has authored numerous publications/books, is a speaker at events, contributes to regional/national media, works on large-scale, high profile projects will command a higher fee than someone out of design school, non-published and/or no specialty or certifications.

DeAnna Radaj
“Helping You DESIGN the Life of Your Dreams from the Outside In”

**We wish to thank the above professionals for providing insight and clarity for our customers!

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Anji Mountain Confetti Paper Shag

Interior Design Trends

For 2016 interior design trends, we will see a movement towards simplified color palettes that incorporate organic and natural elements. We were asked recently by Natalie Richardson to provide a few tips on design trends for 2016. Here’s a few ideas we have about what’s happening on the USA home front. Check out some other ideas from, that hail from other parts of the globe too!

2016 Design Trends - Anji Mountain Confetti Paper Shag

Anji Mountain AMB0452-0810 Confetti Paper Shag

Many now seek to part from the technological assaults the outer world commands of them.  Lots of natural sunlight, nature colors and sparsely furnished rooms with functional but soft and comfortable seating is popular. Couches and chairs with pet friendly fabrics that require very little effort to clean are sought now. Simplification in home decor reflects our biological need to remain connected to Earth properties – sans electronics.


Hard flooring is still the easiest to clean, whether it is made of cement, wood or stone. There is still a strong preference for very dark stains. While the lighter floor shades help to open up a room, the darker stains help to create drama. Floor sheen’s are no longer shiny, but are in various types of matte finishes. Bamboo is an organic material that is being used more. For softness and ease on human feet, fuller, solid shag or geometric design throw rugs help to create room warmth.

The Confetti Paper Shag Ethereal, Cumulonimbus cloud-like puffs of unbelievably soft fabric invite bare foot days and nights while maintaining a refined, contemporary disposition. This rug also makes a compelling sustainability statement with its inventive use of recycled paper in its pile.

2016 Design Trends - Hinkley-3872bn

Hinkley Lighting 3872BN Foyer Meridian


Table and floor lamps are being replaced by simple-design pendants and ceiling lights. Ceiling fixtures help to lift the atmosphere of a room as they can more easily spread light into the surrounding air. Fixture styling trends are of cleaner cuts and sleeker looks, with less ornamentation. The Hinkley Meridian (3872BN) features minimal transitional styling with clean lines, soft curves and low-profile faceted 1/2″ thick glass. The stem-hung simplistic design adds a crisp focal point to any room decor.

2016 Design Trends - Uttermost

Uttermost Accent Piece Options

Home Decor

Think – less clutter, fewer possessions and featuring prominently in one’s environment, a few items that carry true emotional significance. Technological advances have dissolved the need for large stereo systems and bulky televisions. Music CD’s and videos are vacating shelves, as they’ve been replaced by the use of cell phones, tablets and flat screens. With more ‘room’ space, homeowners are beginning to explore aspects of their inner creativity and are doing so via the use of color and carefully chosen items that reflect aspects of the inner soul.

Uttermost offers one of the most broad and most current product lines in the world. Their line includes accent furniture, decorative mirrors, alternative wall, art, clocks, lamps, lighting fixtures, botanicals and accessories. is an Uttermost Lighting authorized dealer.

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Spruce up your home for under $500

Looking for creative ways to spruce up your home while adding value?  Here are some functional products that will definitely help improve a home, all under $500:


Ariel Bath Lucite Acrylic Shower Panel

Ariel Bath shower panels (there are several styles to choose from), are fully loaded with jets and a steam generator, that greatly increases your therapeutic experience. With easy installation instructions, this inexpensive but very functional item will not only make you feel like a whole new you each morning, it will make you think you’ve renovated your entire bathroom!×12-2/p453046







 Capital Lighting 3 Light Post Fixture

 You’ll want two of these at least, but at a truly affordable price, you can update your outdoor post lights and drape your home in a beautiful night-time amber ambience, while upgrading your curb appeal instantly.





 Kichler Cameron Lighted Fan

 Add a fresh and bright new lighted ceiling fan to any room and update a tired room look instantly. Not only are lighted fans double functional – this Kichler fan comes with a universal hanging system, and allows for mounting on ceiling with up to a 30 degree slope.





 Craftmade C3-PW Chime

 Make your guests feel warm and welcome when they ring your doorbell and hear the beautiful Westminster melody instead of a tired old ding-dong. Select a four note or eight note setting for the front door and a single note on a second or third door.




Bassett Alissa 45 Round Mirror
Bassett Alissa 45 Round Mirror


 Bassett Alissa 45 Round Mirror

 Draw into your home a new surge of positive energy via a Feng Shui influence, by mirroring a wall with this beautiful Alisa Round Mirror. With a 45” diameter, this round bevel wall mirror from the Bassett Mirror Company is the quintessential piece for those seeking a sleek and elegant update to their home décor.


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wall clock

Ten Interior Choices for NYC Bachelor Artists

Whether covering canvas with colors or drafting plans for a new building, NYC artists place emphasis on fine detail and effort in interior design.  However, an artist’s budget is more concerned with style than sums.  The following is supplied by New York providers who serve NYC bachelor artists with demands for sensible and chic options.



Wall Clock

wall clock


When was the last time you worked on your latest masterpiece?  Don’t waste time lounging around your apartment when you could be creating.  This color wheel-like wall clock keeps tabs on the seconds as you count on being less likely to procrastinate.



Cheese Tray


Nothing says “welcome to my humble abode” like an assortment of tasty cheeses.  Impress your invites by scrawling individual choices on this natural slate cheese tray.  A soapstone chalk cheese tray?  What a gouda idea!



 Pasta Bowl


This Medici pasta bowl unites old-world design (note the uneven edges) with new-age convenience (it’s microwave safe).  Some believe the fleur-de-lis design, etched on the inside of the bowl, resembles tears Eve shed upon leaving Eden.  However, you’ll get no complaints as you keep the bowl filled with tasty offerings.



 Wall Garden


Uproot inspiration when looking at your ceramic wall garden filled with colorful succulents.  Buy as shown or request the planter be filled with seasonally-available assortments.  Plant your mini garden on the wall or tabletop while visitors grow fonder of your decor choices.



Candle Holders


The symbol of fire is used in many religions to resemble birth, creativity, and passion.   However, most artists in NYC use flames to light candles.  These heavy-duty, hand-blown glass candle holders are ornate, city originals.



 Coyote Skull

Coyote Skull

Did you ever wonder what happened to Wile E. Coyote?  He eventually retired to the East Village, occasionally meeting with one-time nemesis Road Runner for coffee and chess.  No, we made that up, but you can buy this natural coyote skull and conversation piece.  You’ll have to create your own story about its origin or give us proper accreditation.



Mini Swivel Table

Mini Double Swivel Table 

To the untrained eye, this mini swivel has one platform.  Yet, with the magical stroke and sleight of hand of an NYC bachelor, it has three.  As well-studied artists know, form follows function, and those entertaining a number of friends along with knowledge of modern architecture can host multiple drinks as easily as conversation about industrial design with this glass-top swivel table.



Book Shelf


Books offer a means of escape and pleasure, and this fire escape book shelf offers a place to stack books, plants, and ornaments. While the city places restrictions on what you can place on your actual escape, there’s no limit to what you can do with this unique, zigzagging book shelf.



Table Lamp


Artists are aware of the complexity of creating an end product endowed with sentiments of simplicity, such is this table lamp.  Let there be light in your space and a fine touch of chrome in your home.



 Floor Lamp

This 26-inch floor lamp offers dual lights for artists who want to keep an eye on detail while onlookers mind the style found throughout the bachelor pad.  Subtle yet trendy, choose a satin chrome or oil-brushed-bronze finish.

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10 Beautiful Pinterest Boards For Home Decor Inspiration

#1 – Ivanna Smith

If you desire your surroundings to be infused with the feeling of romance this is the board for you. Dramatic and sensual, the designs will certainly inspire. In addition to the wonderful interior spaces there are plenty of exterior spaces to give the feeling of completeness.


#2 – Alex Beckman

That kitchen! Can’t you see yourself making the most wonderful meal in that kitchen and completely impressing those around you! Alex’s board is very much a mix of everything. At first glance perhaps too much of a mix. However, one would be mistaken because look closer and you begin to see how stunning many of these spaces are. They really get the design juices flowing! Enjoy and thank you Alex!

#3 – Kristen Gage

It really is all about the details and Kristen’s board has a lot of details. We all know that, yes a solid foundation is important but it is the details the breathes life and personality into a space. And who else thought of painting a rug onto the floor! Gorgeous!


#4 – Emma Venn

For many of us the kitchen is the heart of the home. Emma’s board is all about this all important space. From clean lines to the more traditional it is represented here. Beautiful light fixtures, gorgeous floors, counter space for miles, what does your dream kitchen look like?


#5 – Esther Flaharty

Their are those of us who like to get our hands dirty and feel a space is only truly ours when we have physically contributed Esther’s board is for you. Here you will find plenty ideas for DIY projects for the less traditional among us.


#6 – Melissa Harrelson

Though Melissa’s board is a mix of many different spaces it was primarily chosen for the living rooms. Clean lines throughout many of these spaces give the feeling of openness. Because sometimes you want to feel light and at peace in your space, not weighed down by too much decor, color and texture.


#7 – Anahata Katkin

That is not to say color, texture and an abundance of decor are bad. Just the opposite. At times you want to feel enveloped by a space and settle in with a cup of tea. This board is for those of us for crave color, texture and emotion in our decor.


#8 – Cigdem Yilmaz

A pop of color here and interesting texture there… this is where Cigdem’s board shines. Perhaps you are the type who enjoys a neutral palette with a burst of color to draw the eye. Natural woods, exposed brick whatever your fancy this board is definitely worth a look!


#9 – Susan Martin

Not sure where to begin? Susan’s board can surely help. A healthy mix of many spaces and styles this is a good place to start when you are at the beginning! With so many choices surely it can help anyone find a style to delve deeper into.


#10 – Elmarie Els

Grey can truly invoke a feeling of subtle beauty, add ethereal pink and you have a dreamy romance come alive. Of course this board is not only pinks and grey but many of the spaces evoke a subtly that can be quite alluring. Beyond some beautiful bedrooms you will find many inspiring interior spaces that bring a sense of peace and some that embolden.

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Top 12 Pinners To Follow For Outdoor Decor Ideas

#1 – Anna Tausend

Spring is finally here and with that comes thoughts of flowers and beautiful outdoor spaces. Anna’s board is all about container gardening, which is a wonderful option for decorating your outdoor space. Perfect whether you have a small balcony or a grand entrance with a vast landscaping!

#2 – Lacy Macy

I’ll be the first to admit that most of these outdoor spaces are out of my reach, I don’t think I’ll be importing the Eiffel Tower to my backyard any time soon! However, there is something inspiring looking at opulent gardens and lavishly appointed lawns. Personally it gives me pause and makes me look at my own space a little differently and dream a little bigger than I had previously dared!

#3 – T. SeGuine

I love this little board by T. SeGuine. These fences and walls are gorgeous! Hardscaping is a wonderful opportunity to infuse your personality into your outdoor space! This board may be small but it offers a large amount of design inspiration!

#4 – Bjorn Mulder

For those of us who desire clean lines and serenity Bjorn’s board is for you. Many of these created spaces do not overwhelm the natural beauty around them. Rather they become a place to take in what surrounds you rather than creating a focal point.

#5 – Annie Ward

Annie’s board has some truly beautiful exteriors. Whether you are thinking of building or buying a home this board will give you some wonderful ideas for striking exteriors. Beautiful light fixtures, wonderful hedges, stately black shutters and welcoming front entrances, this board really showcases beautiful homes.

#6 – Jennifer Verbic

I am in love with Jennifer’s board! There are some truly whimsical and adorable ideas! An owl door! A lobster door knocker! So Charming! There are so many wonderful and creative ideas I could be here all day listing them. Rather than reading a long description click the picture below and check out this board for yourself!

#7 – Annie Johnson & Amy Cullen

Annie and Amy’s board is a dedicated study of the front porch and entrance of the home. This very vital, visible part of our exterior space should never be overlooked as it is one easiest places to give some pizzazz to your home! Your front porch can set the tone of what visitors will expect from the rest of your home so be diligent and consider what you want to say!

#8 – Amanda Snead

Amanda’s board is perfect for those of us who enjoy DIY projects. A lot of easy and tempting projects. Hiding dog bowls in pretty planters, homemade bird seed eggs, welcome signs and garden holders. All these little touches can add up quick!

#9 – Sandra Hartley

Sandra’s board gives us some wonderful ideas for the structures we may find in our yards. Whether it is an adorable greenhouse or an ornate gate she reminds us of all the opportunities we have to infuse design into our outdoor spaces.

#10 – Kelly Crawford

Kelly’s board is a treasure trove of backyard design and decorating ideas! It’s a great board infused with color, has many ideas that I would have never thought of and is just all around a fun, exciting board to view. Reminds us all that the decorating does not end with the interior of our homes!

#11 – Lara Hammon

Fire pits, DIY outdoor lighting, curb appeal. These are just some of the great ideas you will find on Lara’s board. I particularly love the idea of string lights to light a garden path- so romantic. And the fire pits! I can smell the marshmallows roasting! Smores anyone?

#12 – Catherine Kohler

Porches and patios. These spaces are where we gather in the warm summer months to enjoy corn on the cobb, grilled chicken, home ground burgers and delightfully rich ice-cream. With all the time many of us spend in these spaces it is important to design them for our enjoyment! Enjoy Catherine’s board and let your design juices run wild!

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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Your kitchen is one of the most used homes in your house. So much goes on in there, from cooking to eating, to doing homework. Adequate light is needed in every room, since you and your family are always in the kitchen, why not make the most out of functionality and design?

Have a lot of counter space and want to make food preparation easier or just to add an overall light effect to your kitchen. You should install under cabinet lighting. You can install under cabinet lights, like the Progress P7017-30EBS right under the cabinets. Or if you don’t want something that bulky, there are puck lights, like the Maxim 87883BK Black Three Light Puck Under Cabinet or even strip lights.


Progress Lighting P7017-30EBS 1-Lt.


Maxim Lighting 87883BK Maxim 87883BK Black Three Light Puck Under Cabinet Light Kit


Do you have limited head room in your kitchen? Install a flush mount or a semi flush ceiling light to ensure you have one overhead light to provide general lighting in your kitchen without sacrificing space. Try Murray Feiss’ SF1890ORB Gravity 3-Light Wrought Iron Semi-Flush Ceiling Fixture.


Feiss’ SF1890ORB Gravity 3-Light Wrought Iron Semi-Flush Ceiling Fixture


Don’t just limit yourself to flush mount fixtures or recessed lights. Expand your horizons into hanging lights, like pendants and chandeliers.  The heights of these can be adjusted. Pendant lights even can help accent a chandelier. You can even put a row of pendants over your kitchen island, but be sure to to make sure you space them out correctly so you don’t over due it on the amount of fixtures you have in your kitchen.  Try the Emory Collection from Quoizel. You can mix and match a chandelier with different sized pendants for you kitchen.

Emery Mini Pendant
Quoizel Lighting ER1508PN Emery Mini Pendant
Emery Island Chandelier
Quoizel Lighting ER353PN Emery Island Chandelier



Emery Dinette Chandelier
Quoizel Lighting ER5103PN Emery Dinette Chandelier Emery


Bonus Light! You should find a range hood that has lighting elements to help you see what you’re doing as you toil over a hot stove. Like the Cavaliere Hoods SV218D-30 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood, which has 4 35W Halogen Lights.

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood
Cavaliere Hoods SV218D-30 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood






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Get the Look for Kitchen – Quoizel

This three light chandelier from the Emery Collection by Quoizel is a unique chandelier to add to your dining area. Put it over a kitchen island or breakfast bar.

It has the industrial look and feel to it, which is on trend right now.  It comes in (3) great finishes: Palladian Bronze (ER3353PN) (shown below), Brushed Nickel (ER353BN), or Imperial Silver (ER353IS)


Quoizel Lighting
Image Provided by Quoizel Lighting: Quoizel Lighting ER353PN Emery Island Chandelier


The Emerson Collection also has other types of lights all available in the three finishes.

Emery Island Chandelier
Image Provided by Quoizel Lighting

Find the Emerson Collection and more at

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Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Fact: The average person spends almost about 26 years of their lives sleeping.

You spend so much of your life sleeping, might as well do it in  a bedroom that comfort and style. In addition to sleeping, your bedroom can serve so many purposes: a place to study or do work, get ready for the day and relax.

After a long and exhausting day, your first thought would be to hop in your bed and stay under the covers to sleep the day away. You should invest in a bed and mattress that you would would dream about going home to.  This Charlotte Queen Bed Frame in Gray from Modway will have you wishing were at home.

Modway Furniture MOD-5045-GRY-SET Charlotte Queen Bed Frame in Gray

Your bedroom is also where you stash away all your personal possessions. Unless you have a huge walk in closet, you should make sure that is adequate storage space for you to keep everything so that its not all over your room creating clutter. You can have add bed side tables, dressers or add a nice decorative trunk to the foot of your bed as a storage box. These Covered Travelers Trunks from sterling Industries  will provide a cohesive storage solution if you use all three in your room.

Sterling Industries 170-002/S3 Linen Covered Travelers Trunks

Mirrors are essential for every bedroom for its functionality. Not only can you check your appearance as you get ready for the day, a mirror can help make your room seem bigger than it is by reflecting light. Try this full Beaded Leaner Mirror from Basset

Bassett Mirror Co M2546BEC Beaded Leaner Mirror

If space permits, you can always add a desk or a reading area where you can get your work done or relax so you do not have to do it in bed. This Castro Armchair from Zuo Modern can a perfect addition to the sitting area in your room.

Castro Armchair Charcoal Gray
Zuo Modern 98081 Castro Armchair Charcoal Gray

And of course, you need to have your room lit properly, but have stylish fixtures at the same time. Check out some of our bedroom lighting tips and some of our suggestions in our Bedroom Lighting Tips post.

Check out for your bedroom needs and more.

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Decorating With Clocks

In the 21st century, we are living in a digitized world. The time is literally at our finger tips and we can whip out our cell phones or just glance down at our watches to find out what the time is. You can even substitute your cellphone for a regular alarm clock these days.

While clocks may seem to be losing their functionality, they can be used as great accent pieces in your home. Also, a great feature about clocks is that the majority of them are battery powered, so in times of power outages, you will always know what time it is when your electronics shut off.

Clocks come in all shapes, sizes and designs that could compliment any room’s decor. There’s are so many places where you can add a clock to accent the current decor in the room or it can act as a stand alone feature.

This Modway’s Furniture Starburst Wall Clock in Black Silver  would look great mounted on top of a fireplace or as a statement on an a feature wall.

Starburst Wall Clock in Silver Black
Modway Furniture EEI-761 Starburst Wall Clock in Silver Black

If you’re looking for a small desk clock, try Uttermost’s Pocket Watch Brass Thuret Clock to add a debonair flair to the your study.

Pocket Watch Brass Thuret Clock
Uttermost 06068 Pocket Watch Brass Thuret Clock

This Quiz Wall Clock from Modway is a fun clock would go great in a study area or any room for math lovers.


Quiz Wall Clock in Black
Modway Furniture EEI-841 Quiz Wall Clock in Black

A standing clock is also another accent piece that you can add to your home. The standing clocks could go in your living room, dining room or even on a stair landing.  Uttermost Brone Standing Clock

Uttermost Brone Standing Clock
Uttermost 6418 Uttermost Brone Standing Clock

A fun way to incorporate clocks into your decor is this Uttermost’s Casseem Clock Table.

Uttermost Cassem Clock Table
Uttermost 24321 Uttermost Cassem Clock Table


Find clocks and more at

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