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Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and designs and are often an underrated design element that people don’t think to use when decorating a room. Mirrors are a great style element that can help brighten, add depth and add style elements to any room.


Mirrors are often used as a design element to add light and dimension to a room Mirrors can help create the illusion of another window. By placing a mirror adjacent to a window, the mirror can help make the room seem bigger and reflect the natural light into the room, which is especially nice when the sun is shining bright. Try placing mirrors along the walls in long hallways to distract the eye while walking down it and to help brighten up a dark corridor, but never place a mirror at the end of a hallway

Tip – When using a full length mirror to add space to a room, make sure the mirror is at least ¾ the height of the wall

Elaborate or bold mirrors can be the main focal point of a room. There are mirrors that are so decorative that they can stand alone as art pieces. Also, multiple mirrors that complement each other and hung in a certain fashion can be used as decorative wall art. Try Basset Mirror Co.’s Danby Wall Mirrors for some wall art.

multiple mirror

Tip – Remember that scale is important and to use small mirrors with small walls and large mirrors with large walls

A full length mirror can also substitute as a dramatic centerpiece on a dining room table. The mirror will reflect the light of the fixture above it and you can add vases, candlesticks, flowers on top of the mirror for a cool effect.

A mirror can also be used above and in front of a fireplace. Since fireplaces are typically the focal point of the room, placing a mirror above the fireplace will emphasize it and enhance it more. During the warmer months, try placing a mirror in front of  fireplace and put lit candles in front of it so that the mirror can reflect the soft light. Check out Kichler Lighting’s Teardrop Mirror

Mirror over fireplace


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Chandeliers – More for than than Just Your Dining Room and Foyer

Historically, chandeliers were used as a symbol of power and used to dazzle guests when they first entered your home and when they were dining in your dining room. Today, chandeliers can be found in any home and for any room of the house: bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, closets, office and basically any room you want. Check out this Art Deco Retro Eight Light Chandelier from Crystorama 9248-EB_3 Chandeliers can be found used in any room to add drama or elegance. Also, you can use mini chandeliers, or chandelettes, to light small rooms or to light corner spaces, alcoves or hallways. Like this Antique White Crystal Single Light from Elk Lighting  12008-1thumb Chandeliers come in all sizes, so it is important to pick the right size chandelier so that the chandelier doesn’t overpower the room or is not too small to light the space. Remember, the higher the ceiling, the larger the chandelier should be. Largest chandeliers that weigh over 50 lbs should be mounted more securely to the house structure. After determining the size of the chandelier that you want in your home, the next step is to decide what kind of style you want. The best idea is to start with a color or material that is predominant in the room you want to place it in. Chandeliers come in a wide variety of styles that range between simple and modern to ornate and highly decorative. Chandeliers now offered  in a variety of finishes and materials to help fit the decor in your home better. When choosing a chandelier, it is important to think about the intensity of the light that you need. Chandeliers that have exposed bulbs or glass enclosures will have a brighter sparkle than chandeliers with linen shades or frosted bulbs, which would create a pleasing glow. Don’t forget to wire your chandelier to a dimmer switch to control the brightness of your light.

One overhead light isn’t enough. You should accent the area surrounding the chandelier with wall sconces, pendants or track lights. The additional lights will create a layered effect, which which is what you want when lighting a room. Traditional-Kitchen-Design-Ideas-with-Pendant-Lamps-and-Metal-Chandelier Check out the wide selection of  chandeliers and more at EliteFixtures.


Fire Pits – Choosing the Type

Fire pits are a huge trend in outdoor and backyard design. Including a fire pit in your outdoor living space can allow you to entertain all year round. A fire pit is also a great alternative to having a traditional outdoor fireplace, especially if you have limited space and funds


When choosing the perfect fire pit for your backyard, there some things to remember and to take into consideration when deciding to put a fire pit in your home.

Body Type
Fire pits can be bought as two options: chimineas or free standing bowls. Chimineas are short, free standing circular tubs that sit above the ground. Chimineas usually have a ‘smoke stack’ and have function similarly to wood burning stones. Chimineas are usually constructed from stone, copper, cast iron, steel and other metals to ensure durability. Free standing bowls are portable and have a larger variety of finishes and designs than chimineas. The free standing bowls are usually made of metals, like copper.

TIP: lightweight metal fire pits may rust and fall apart over time, so might be worth investing into choosing a more durable metal or stone model




Propane vs Wood Burning
Typically, fire pits are powered by either propane or wood. Even though the main feature of using a fire pit is that there is flames involved, it does not always mean that it can keep you warm. Propane fire pits provide more less heat and are used more for ambiance setting. Wood burning fire pits give off more heat, but at the same time is more messy and gives off smoke.

Fire pits should be at least 10 feet away from your home and you should make sure you purchase a sturdy fire pit that is not at risk of tipping over. You should place your fire pit on a non-combustible surface, or  fireproof mat and should use a spark arrestor. Also, the most important factor is to keep a water source nearby in case of an emergency.


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Bedroom Lighting Tips

The purpose of a bedroom has evolved from just using it for sleep. More daily functions are being done in the bedroom, such as watching television, reading and work. It is important to blend functionality with style.

Layering of light is important and all rooms should have multiple light sources and should not rely on just one overhead source.

  • Utilize natural light in the day time
  • Use table lamps and accent lights for task lighting
  • Try a ceiling fan with a light or even a chandelier as an overhead

*Tip – try looking for products within the same style family for easy coordination
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If you use a bedside lamp, you should make sure that the light is cast at the the height of a book held while sitting up in bed, which is most typically 20” above the mattress.

When choosing lamps, consider lamps that have different or stylized bodies to add design to a room. Like this Diamond Lighting Single Light Table Lamp


For a dramatic look use a chandelier as an overhead light that also acts as a focal point. You can wire the chandelier with a dimmer switch or practically any light to control the brightness to create ambient lighting.


If you’re tight on space, install swing arm lights or pendant lights in place of table lamps or floor lamps.

Another dramatic alternative to regular table lamps are sconces. There are a variety of styles and designs that are available to add a nice design element to the room.
*Tip - wire the sconces with dual switches so you can turn on and off the light from two different areas of the bedroom


To make sure you’re getting the most out of your lamp, avoid using opaque and dark lamp shades. Darker lampshades absorb the light, which results in less illumination.

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Update Your Lampshade

Is your lamp outdated? Instead of tossing it, update your lampshade for a fresh new look that won’t break the bank.

An easy way to get your lamp to match the decorations in your living room is to cover a lampshade with fabric. You can easily take fabric that matches your furniture or you can find swatches at your local craft store that easily meets your tastes.

Buttons are a nice effect and are easily attached to a lamp shade by hot glue gun. You can choose buttons of similar colors and shades to match the designs in your room.


If you have extra wallpaper from decorating your walls, you can easily attach the extra paper with craft glue to continue the theme in your room.

If you’re artistic, you can design your own lampshade with paint, or if your less artistically inclined, you can easily use stencils  to get the desired designs you want.


Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf is a nice and thrifty way to add gold accents to your lampshade. Gold leaf is an adhesive that you can attach to a lampshade either as a design or to cover the whole lampshade.

A nice way to add a pop of color to your lampshade is to glue ribbon(s) onto the shade. Or if you’re feeling adventurous you can create criss cross, vertical or horizontal designs.




Importance of Range Hoods

The most important appliance you have in your kitchen, isn’t the stove.. its the range hood found above your stove! Range hoods not only adds an aesthetic value to your home, it also also provides functionality and safety. There are three styles of range hoods: wall mount, island and under cabinet . Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing a range hood in your kitchen

Keeps the air around you safe
The blower carries out the hazardous air pollutants (ex. carbon dioxide), smoke, grease and steam and carries them out of the house through the air duct.The range hood acts as a filter that clears the air in the kitchen and in the surrounding rooms to protect people from eye, nose, and throat irritation, as well as carbon monoxide poisoning.


Keeps the kitchen cool
Range hoods cool down the cooking area by filtering away the smoke and the steam

Additional Lighting
Ranges typically come equipped with an overhead light which illuminates the cooking area making it easier to cook.


Helps keep the kitchen clean
Without a range hood, grease and excess moisture in the air coats the stove and cabinets with a sticky film. Using a range hood while cooking helps prevent the residue from attaching to kitchen surfaces. Also, reducing exposure to grease and moisture helps prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

Increases Comfort
Range hoods reduce the odors, steam and stuffiness that typically make cooking uncomfortable. With a ducted range hood, air pollutants are eliminated and you can cook in comfort


Tips to Lighting Your Bathroom

A common mistake most people make is that they only have one light source for a the bathroom, which while may be bright, but causes shadows. For bathrooms it is important that the lighting is layered. Layered lighting important in a bathroom because so many different tasks are done in a bathroom. Bathroom lights need to deliver the right amount of surface light that reflects off surfaces at the correct angle to eliminate glares and shadows.



Grooming is the primary task in a bathroom, so vanity lighting should be considered first. Also, recessed lighting for the shower areas should be considered to give off the appropriate light. After picking the right task lights, ambient and accent lighting should also be added to complement the design of the room and all the other bath and light fixtures.


Bathrooms should have lights that imitate natural sunlight. Check for the Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) rating, anything above 80 shows colors as they appear in natural sunlight. Traditionally, halogen lights are used in bathroom fixtures, but LED lights can be substituted as an energy-efficient alternative.



Bathroom fixtures are bound to be exposed to condensation, moisture and liquid. It is important to make sure that the fixtures used have the correct UL rating. UL Damp and UL Wet are the appropriate for bathrooms. UL Damp are for fixtures that do not have a direct contact with water, such as vanities. UL Wet are for fixtures that come in direct contact with a stream of water, typically lights in bathrooms.



Illuminating Illusions: Quick Fixes for Cramped Spaces

Does your room seem smaller than it actually is? A quick way to create the illusion of space is to play with the lighting. Here are some tips to help.

One of the more permanent, but also more aesthetically pleasing, fixes is the increase the natural light through the addition of windows and/or skylights. Essentially, this allows for dispersed light instead of direct light, which eliminates shadows and reduces strain on the eyes. 4

Another method is to install pendant lighting in place of table and floor lamps. The functional aspect of pendants is that they clear up valuable floor and table space. Also, pendant lights draw eyes upwards, which creates the illusion of more vertical space. Pendant lighting is much more delicate and reduce the large blocky forms that would distract the eye from the overall harmony from the room. 5

The use of mirrors is a classic trick to create depth in a room. Mirrors reflect light and color to make rooms bigger. Mirrors themselves can add a certain joie de vivre to the room *Tip use a focal point and angle the mirror towards it to create depth. 6

One last tip is to replace large overhead fixtures with several smaller lighting elements to create movement in the room as the eye travels. Large overhead fixtures tend to draw the eye to one spot, which makes the room seem smaller. 7



One of the most important elements to take into consideration when designing your home is lighting! If you’re at a loss in figuring out what type of fixture would fit your space best, just consider the function of the room.  Functionality can be designated as general, task or accent.

General Lighting – provides an area with an overall illumination. It helps zone the space and provide a comfortable level of brightness to see and walk safely.
Suggestions: Recessed or Track Lighting and Chandeliers 1

Task Lighting – provides light that helps you to easily see what you’re working on when focusing on a specific job (ie; cooking, reading, work etc.)
Suggestions: Pendant Lighting, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps 

Accent Lighting – brighter than general lighting, its purpose is to highlight an area in the room by creating visual interest.
Suggestions: Wall Sconces, Recessed or Track Lighting 9171dbb5cb40


Choosing the Proper Foyer Fixture


It is imperative to have a properly lit foyer, as it is the first part of the home that guests see upon walking in. Choosing the proper foyer fixture is actually quite simple.

Fixture Height – In general, it is best to leave roughly 84″ from the bottom of the fixture to the floor. If your ceilings are below 84″, then try a flush-mount or recessed lighting fixture.

Fixture Width – In order to find a fixture with the proper width, simply add the length and width of the space the fixture is to occupy. For example, if your space was 12 feet wide and 10 feet long, the proper width for your fixture would be 22″ (12 + 10).

Style – Consider the overall style of both your home, and the entry. It should match any underlying themes of your decor and personal style.