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Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are one of the most versatile lights you can install in your home. They come is so many shapes, sizes and types that you can install them in any room and it will be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Pendants are hanging light fixtures that are alternatives to having large fixtures, such as a floor lamp or a chandelier taking up all the room. Also, you can always use pendant lights as supplementing lighting if you do indeed use a chandelier.

You’re not only limited to single down down-light pendant. Pendant lights can have either an up light or down light. One fixture is not limited to only one pendant, but there can be multiple ones mounted together. Also, some pendents have a drum shade, which, which has a more circular body.

Check out our favorite pendant looks that would go great in any room.

This ET2 Lighting Disco 5-Light LED pendant is a great example of multiple pendants in one fixture. It would go great in your kitchen.

Disco 5-Light LED Pendant

ET2 Lighting E22685-01PC Disco 5-Light LED Pendant

This Elk Lighting Satin Nickle Geologic Mini Pendent with Tri Color Swirl Blown Class Shade would be great for a bedroom to replace a table lamp or over a study area to save space

Satin Nickel Geologic 1 Light Mini Pendant with Tri-Color Swirl Blown Glass Shade

Satin Nickel Geologic 1 Light Mini Pendant with Tri-Color Swirl Blown Glass Shade

The Conduit 25Lt Pendant from Troy Lighting is a great and unique alternative to a chandelier.


Conduit 25Lt Pendant

Troy Lighting F3816 Conduit 25Lt Pendant

The Three-Light Rialto Pendant from Sea Gull Lighting is a great example of an uplight pendant that can be used in a dining room or kitchen.

Three-Light Rialto Pendant

Sea Gull Lighting 65361-965 Three-Light Rialto Pendant

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Dining Room Tables – Pick the Right Size

Dining rooms are an integral part of any home. There are so many different functions or purposes for a dining room: entertaining, eating or for just the design factor. While the chandelier that lights up the whole room may take focus,  it is the dining room table that will serve the most function.

You want a dining room table that will fit your needs. The more people you expect to entertain the more table space you should have. Rectangular tables are great if you expect a lot of guests. On the other hand, if you don’t plan on entertaining as much, or have fewer guests frequenting your home, round tables might be better for you.

Zuo Modern 102192 Xert Dining Table Gray

The space and comfort of your diners is important. You want to give them their own personal zone where they aren’t sitting on top of each other. Try to buy a table that fits the number of people you want that allows them each to have their own space of 2′-3′. Also, in relation to space, you don’t want the table taking up the whole room. Leave your guests enough room to move around, so leave a couple of feet between the table and the walls so no one feels cramped or cornered.

Zuo Modern 98160 Fillmore Table Distressed Natural

Dining room tables are an investment that should last you a long time. If you feel that over time your needs will grow or if you know that occasionally you will entertain more, but the majority of the time you will entertain small groups, you should find a table that have extensions. When you have many people coming over, you want to maintain a uniform look, instead of having extra tables scattered all over the place.

Zuo Modern 102172 Wilco Dining Table Black

Rectangular and round tables have different size guidelines per seat when you’re trying to figure out the size:

  • For rectangular tables, the length of the table should be proportionate for every seat needed. For every one seat you require, add 12″ and the resulting sum is how long your rectangular table should be. (Example: need 8 seats, the length of your table should be 96″ 8 x 12)
  • For round tables, they follow a different scale. Since round tables are mostly used for smaller groups, they are not offered in as large sizes as rectangular ones. The more guests you want to place in a round table, they get a decreasing amount of space. Respectively, if you have a table that seats 4, each diner should add 12″ to the diameter (you need a table with a diameter of 48″= 4 x 12), if you have a table that seats 6, each diner should add 10″ (you need a table with a diameter of 60″ = 6 x 10), if you have a table that sits 8, each diner should add 9″ (you need a table with a diameter of 72″ = 8 x 9)




Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are a great addition to a room that has a chandelier or a ceiling fan. While their main purpose is to support the fixture it is mounted above, there shouldn’t be any reason for it to be bland. Ceiling medallions come in so many different designs that homeowners use them as an additional design element in their rooms and they should have no trouble finding one that suits their needs.  

Ceiling medallions are typically used in rooms with tall ceilings and while there are no set rules for proportions, to ensure your medallion doesn’t overpower or underwhelm, follow these handy guidelines:

The size of the medallion you use depends on your room size.

According to “How to Size a Medallion” by Jennifer Stimpson forThis Old House Magazine:

Room Size = 140 square feet or less:
Medallion Diameter =Up to 20 inches

Room Size = 140 to 210 square feet: 
Medallion Diameter = 20 to 30 inches

Room Size = 210 to 280 square feet:
Medallion Diameter = 30 to 40 inches

Room Size = More than 280 square feet:
Medallion Diameter = 40 inches or larger


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Like this ceiling medallion from Livex Lighting

Or this ceiling medallion in the Brittany Collection from Elk Lighting


Decorating with Rugs

Rugs can be a great home to your home decor. It can be the piece in the room to help tie everything together or it can act as a statement piece.

The first step in choosing your rug, is to determine the layout of your furniture in the space that you will fill with the rug to figure out what size you need.

Gold Devonshire 5 x 8 Rug

Uttermost 71023-5 Gold Devonshire 5 x 8 Rug Devonshire, Gold Collection

If you want to place a rug in a room where most of your furniture is resting against a wall, you need to find a rug that is large enough that at a portion of the front of the furniture are going to be on top of the rug. You don’t want to cover the whole area because it will make the room look smaller and it would practically be a carpet.

With furniture that does not rest against a wall, you want to make sure that all the whole body of all the furniture is within the surface area of the rug.

Concord Global 97829 Leafs Ivory 7’10 Round Round Woven Rug Chester Collection

If you want to add a rug to your dining room, take both the length and width of the table and add two inches. The new set of dimensions is the dimensions for the rug.

If you want to put a rug in your bedroom, at least have the majority of the bed lay on top of the rug. Alternatively, you can use rug runners to place either on the sides of the bed or at the foot of it if you do not want to buy a large rug.

Athens Brown 5'3" Round Round Woven Rug

Concord Global 54280 Athens Brown 5’3″ Round Round Woven Rug Jewel Collection

Some tips to consider when decorating with rugs:

  • Not all rugs have to be rectangular, there are round, square and oval shaped rugs out there. Choose what you feel is most flattering
  • Create a feature wall using a rug
  • Rugs should be the same size if used in the same room
  • Try different patterns
  • Use rugs to be a outline different rooms in open spaces
  • Dark rugs and patterned rugs hide dirt well
  • Rug liners are great to keep a rug in place

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Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and designs and are often an underrated design element that people don’t think to use when decorating a room. Mirrors are a great style element that can help brighten, add depth and add style elements to any room.

If a room in your house does not allow room for much natural light in it, add a mirror. Mirrors can help with that if you add one across the room of a window. Placing a mirror across a window will reflect the natural light from outside and make the room seem larger.

Bassett Mirror Co M2536EC Isabelle Arched Mirror (Only)

Mirrors reflecting light from light fixtures also has a positive effect when placed in rooms or hallways with no windows. It helps disguise the fact that you are in a dark room or cooridor.

Tip – When using a full length mirror to add space to a room, make sure the mirror is at least ¾ the height of the wall

There are so many bold and decorative mirrors out there today. Their frames and shapes almost make them seem like art pieces. You can buy one huge mirror and buy multiple small ones and play around with their placement to create a nice piece of wall art.

Mirrors can also accent different things in a room, such as a fireplace. If you want to show off your fireplace, you should place a mirror above the mantel so everyone’s eyes can get drawn to that direction.

Kichler Lighting 78121 Mirror Bling Collection

Tip – Remember that scale is important and to use small mirrors with small walls and large mirrors with large walls

Mirrors aren’t only for walls anymore. Place one on your dining room table, that has no frame, so you can have a cool reflection of whatever you put on top of it. It’ll provide a cool sight and a conversation starter if you’re entertaining.

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Chandeliers – More for than than Just Your Dining Room and Foyer

Historically, chandeliers were used as a symbol of power and used to dazzle guests when they first entered your home and when they were dining in your dining room. Today, chandeliers are so affordable you can place one anywhere you see fit in your and come in so many shapes and sizes. Use it in your home office, bedroom, kitchen, living room. There are so many options, you can find one for any room.

Check out this Art Deco Retro Eight Light Chandelier from Crystorama 9248-EB_3 Chandeliers can class up any room and they are used add drama or elegance.  If your room or closet is small, and you know that a chandelier isn’t plausible, add a mini chandelier!  Like this Antique White Crystal Single Light from Elk Lighting  12008-1thumb Chandeliers come in all sizes, so it is important to pick the right size chandelier so that the chandelier doesn’t overpower the room or is not too small to light the space.

  • High ceilings need big chandeliers to fill up the space
  • Heavy chandeliers need to be reinforced more than a lighter one.

After determining the size of the chandelier that you want in your home, the next step is to decide what kind of style you want. Try matching materials or colors first since there are so many different options that chandeliers come in, you’re bound to find something similar.

Art Deco Retro 8 Light Down Lighting Chandelier

PLC Lighting 82333 PC Art Deco Retro 8 Light Down Lighting Chandelier Enigma Collection

Next thing you should think about is how bright you want it to be. Chandeliers have different shades/glass/crystals that can determine how bright it will shine. Also, don’t forget to install a dimmer to control the ambiance of that the chandelier gives off.

Remember, layer, layer, layer those lights in your home! One overhead light isn’t enough. Compliment the surrounding area with wall sconces, pendants or track lights. The additional lights will create a layered effect, which which is what you want when lighting a room.
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Fire Pits – Choosing the Type

Fire pits are a huge trend in outdoor and backyard design. Including a fire pit in your outdoor living space can allow you to entertain all year round. A fire pit is also a great alternative to having a traditional outdoor fireplace, especially if you have limited space and funds

When choosing the perfect fire pit for your backyard, there some things to remember and to take into consideration when deciding to put a fire pit in your home.

Universal  Style Fire Pit-19" Tall x 45" Diameter, Morocco Design, Blues and Blacks granite colors, Poly Black Powder Coat, Propane Storage Basket

Oasisfire UFP1945MBBPB-P Universal Style Fire Pit-19″ Tall x 45″ Diameter, Morocco Design, Blues and Blacks granite colors, Poly Black Powder Coat, Propane Storage Basket

Body Type
Fire pits can be bought as two options: chimineas or free standing bowls. Chimineas sound like what they look like. They have a small chimney that is attached to free standing tubs. Typically they are made from materials that ensure durability, like metal or stone. Free standing bowls are portable pits that have more design options.

TIP: lightweight metal fire pits may rust and fall apart over time, so might be worth investing into choosing a more durable metal or stone model

Blue Rhino GAD1399SP Lp Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate Tile Mantel

Propane vs Wood Burning
Typically, fire pits are powered by either propane or wood. Even though the main feature of using a fire pit is that there is flames involved, it does not always mean that it can keep you warm. Propane fire pits provide more less heat and are used more for ambiance setting. Wood burning fire pits give off more heat, but at the same time is more messy and gives off smoke.

Always keep a safe distance between flammable materials and the fire pit. Safety standards dictate keeping the fire pits 10 feet away from your home at least. Always keep in mind to make sure that the fire pit is weighted down properly so it does not tip over. For extra safety measure, you should place the pit on a fireproof mat or any other non-combustible surface. Also, in case of emergencies, it is best to have a source of water near by.

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Bedroom Lighting Tips

The purpose of a bedroom has evolved from just using it for sleep. More daily functions are being done in the bedroom, such as watching television, reading and work. It is important to blend functionality with style.

Elk Lighting 11233/3 Three Light Pendant Ceiling Fixture

Layering of light is important and all rooms should have multiple light sources and should not rely on just one overhead source.

  • Natural light is the best kind of light. Try to allow as much in as possible.
  • When you’re in bed or at your desk table lamps and wall sconces are great for doing specific tasks
  • Install a ceiling fan with a light kit so that it can serve two functions: to keep you cool and to provide light
  • chandeliers are great in a bedroom to add a dramatic effect

*Tip – try looking for products within the same style family for easy coordination
Check out the different collections that Sea Gull Lighting has to offer

When choosing lamps, consider lamps that have different or stylized bodies to add design to a room. Like this Diamond Lighting Single Light Table Lamp


For a dramatic look use a chandelier, as stated earlier, as an overhead light that also acts as a focal point.  A great feature to add if you can is a dimmer switch. That way you can control the lighting in your room and set it to your preference.

Pendant lights and wall sconces are a creative alternative to wall lamps if you are lacking on the space factor. There are a variety of styles and designs that are available to add a nice design element to the room.

Single Light Pendant Ceiling Fixture

ET2 Lighting EP96002-20SN Single Light Pendant Ceiling Fixture Minx Collection

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your lamp, avoid using opaque and dark lamp shades. Darker lampshades absorb the light, which results in less illumination.

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Update Your Lampshade

Is your lamp outdated? Instead of tossing it, update your lampshade for a fresh new look that won’t break the bank.

Going to your local craft store can is a nice way to find materials to revamp your lamp. Buy a hot glue gun or a tacky glue and you can give your lamp a new face lift.

You can take any fabric laying around in your house or you can go to a furniture store to find a swatch of fabric that meets your design needs. Its an easy way to get matching furniture. Just glue on the fabric to a new or the existing lamp shade.

ET2 Lighting E21700-69PC Lattice 1 Light Table Lamp

Another thing you can purchase at the store is buttons. Buttons come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. You can get creative with your hot glue gun.

After putting wallpaper up, you find yourself having extra lying around. Instead of throwing it out, glue the extra paper to a lampshade so that you can match the theme of your room.

If you’re artistic, you can design your own lampshade with paint, or if your less artistically inclined, you can easily use stencils  to get the desired designs you want.

Add your own touch to the lamp

Hudson Valley L114-VB-WS 1 Light Adjustable Table Lam Marshall Collection

A nice way to add a pop of color to your lampshade is to glue ribbon(s) onto the shade. Or if you’re feeling adventurous you can create criss cross, vertical or horizontal designs.




Importance of Range Hoods

The most important appliance you have in your kitchen, isn’t the stove.. its the range hood found above your stove! Range hoods not only adds an aesthetic value to your home, it also also provides functionality and safety. There are three styles of range hoods: wall mount, island and under cabinet . Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing a range hood in your kitchen

Range hoods carry out harmful gas and airborne particles away from your house and releases them outside. Essentially its acting as an air filter to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Cavaliere Hoods SV218D-I36 Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood

While cooking, it is especially helpful to have a range hood because it keeps the area cool by absorbing the smoke and steam byproducts of cooking. Additionally, range hoods typically come with additional lighting to make it easier to see while cooking.

Cavaliere Hoods AP238-PSD-42 42″ Wall Mount Range Hood

You should consider getting or upgrading your current range hood for health and sanitary reasons. Range hoods filter out excess moisture and residue that would normally coat the cabinets and furniture.

Yosemite Home Decor BWRS36W 3-Speed Single Blower Undercabinet Range Hood – 36-Inch – White Builder Series Collection