Rug Matters


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When considering flooring, there are always rug matters to consider. Will the new room have a hardwood, cement, tile floor …or a carpet? For about a decade now, there has been a clean sweep on the carpet industry, as more and more homeowners have chucked the wall to wall rugs and picked up on the hardwood floor trend. There are a lot of advantages to bare wood floors. In terms of maintenance and allergy considerations alone, it’s not surprising that wood floors are here to stay. Wood floors are easy to sweep and clean. Wood floors can open up a room to make it appear larger than it is. Wood floors allow accent décor to become the focus point of a room. Wood floors don’t collect permanent citizens called allergens.

While many hardwoods can be absolutely beautiful in terms of color, layout and border design, there is still the issue of human warmth and comfort that comes into play. Human feet seek soft ground and sometimes, a rug is not just general floor covering; it can also offer an element of genuine human comfort into the décor equation.

Humans are highly visual and often people think according to only what they typically see – which at human eye level, is approximately 5 to 6 feet off the ground. In fact, so much time can be spent choosing the right lighting, the right window treatments, the right furniture and the right wall art that quite often, people tend to forget to look down, to address the floor. Today there are so many styles, shapes, colors and types of rugs that it can be daunting to try to match a rug up with the décor you’ve already chosen and purchased for your newly renovated room. There is no greater way to add pizzazz to a bland or neutral style room than to add a wild pop of color or fabulous printed pattern to the floor. One great area rug can significantly alter a room’s entire atmosphere and is a terrific way to ‘redecorate’ sans having to really do anything more to the room. It’s a wonderful way to keep the budget in check when keeping within budget, matters.

When thinking about re-decorating your next room, it might be a good thing to at least, mentally start from the ground up. Ancient Sanskrit teachings emphasize grounding the mind and soul into the physical body via Yoga. Painters use grounding compounds as an underlying support that will hold and bind their acrylic and oil paints to the canvas. Builders construct their buildings from the ground up. When all is said and done, perhaps after all…rug matters.

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4 Smart Ways to Update Your Home


Start Outside-In

If you’re in a warm weather area, here are 4 smart ways you can update your home without spending a fortune or an exorbitant amount of time doing so. For those in cold weather regions, spring is just around the corner and a quick walk around your property with a notepad in hand will give you a brief start list of things to address. Starting outside-in gives you a break from your everyday indoor living environment and it can spark fresh ideas; simply because you’re breaking your everyday visual viewpoint and daily routine. Seasonal weather climate changes can wreak havoc on a home. Water, wind and salt can cause corrosion in wood and metal over time. Start by sprucing up key fixtures that will add instant value to the home. Inspect and update outdoor lighting fixtures, doorknobs, planters, mailboxes that are broken or show wear and tear. These items are not particularly expensive to replace or repair and it’s absolutely amazing what a new paint job, fixture or doorknob can do to spruce up curb appeal. Consider replacing worn out fixtures with marine grade ones that come with extra powder coating (PI67 Grading) or are made of rust free polyester materials. They are specifically designed to help offset damage done by water, wind and salt. Because they are, they tend to last longer as well.


Small garden adornment purchases can magically transform a backyard into a sweet paradise. Consider a new lounge and seating area, upgrading the grill, and adding a few decorative garden ornaments. It doesn’t take a lot of money to replace worn out garden furniture cushions, repaint the wicker or add a bright and few decorative pillows. If shopping for new garden furniture, be sure to look for weather coated canvas, rattan coated with powder coating and stick to easy-to-clean plastics.


Revamp Kitchen Appliances

If you’re really serious about making some indoor changes, the kitchen is the heart of the home and a clean and sterile environment for food preparation is essential. It is also one of the most used rooms in the house, thus, its appliances and even the kitchen sink can take a beating over time. Upgrade the most used items in the home with high quality products. Stainless steel is popular due to the durability of the material, its easy-to-clean surfaces, and its ability to match and enhance any exiting appliances finishes in white or black. Kitchens are the best investments and usually get somewhere from 80% to 90% of their value back. That means that if you put $30k into your kitchen, it will value out at $23k to $28k worth. If on a budget, you’d be surprised how a new microwave oven, blender or toaster can instantly brighten the look of your counter-top area. So might a newly installed faucet or sink basin. Look to the things you use the most and consider a new purchase of just those few items.


Same Rule Applies to Bathrooms

Update the main bath fixtures for the obvious reasons – usage. Toilet, sink and tub basins and especially faucets should be considered. Make sure everything is sealed properly with caulk, including where the tub meet the floor, since water tends to splash from the shower, regardless if a shower curtain is used. Make sure all faucets are clean and new. Replacing all fixtures and appliances will add instant value to your home. It will also set the ground stage for many maintenance free years to come.


Update the Fun, Everyday Activity Things

Lastly, buy a new bedspread for each of your bedrooms. Upgrade to a flat screen TV and do away with old CD players, bulky old stereo units, receivers, and even the outdated DVD’s. Put a guitar in a corner stand, just in case guests can play. Load up the firewood bin for cozy fire nights. If the wall paint still looks good, then just paint the trim and window sills; which will make each room look shiny and brand new. Removing dusty old nick-knacks and purchasing just a few new home décor accent pieces can instantly change the look and feel of a room. Consider bright pops of color in vases, candles, lampshades, statues, accent consoles and even scenic coffee table books.

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, when faced with the prospect of having to update or repair worn out fixtures or face clearing out non-needed collectables. Reduce the stress and anxiety of your to-do list by staring with very small fixes. Begin replacing the smallest things first; such as a new doorknob, a new back wall fixture or planters. Starting small will spark you to continue on, for the results will perk you up, and inspire you to do more. Small steps at a time always lead to the greater picture ultimately.

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Spruce up your home for under $500

Looking for creative ways to spruce up your home while adding value?  Here are some functional products that will definitely help improve a home, all under $500:


Ariel Bath Lucite Acrylic Shower Panel

Ariel Bath shower panels (there are several styles to choose from), are fully loaded with jets and a steam generator, that greatly increases your therapeutic experience. With easy installation instructions, this inexpensive but very functional item will not only make you feel like a whole new you each morning, it will make you think you’ve renovated your entire bathroom!×12-2/p453046







 Capital Lighting 3 Light Post Fixture

 You’ll want two of these at least, but at a truly affordable price, you can update your outdoor post lights and drape your home in a beautiful night-time amber ambience, while upgrading your curb appeal instantly.





 Kichler Cameron Lighted Fan

 Add a fresh and bright new lighted ceiling fan to any room and update a tired room look instantly. Not only are lighted fans double functional – this Kichler fan comes with a universal hanging system, and allows for mounting on ceiling with up to a 30 degree slope.





 Craftmade C3-PW Chime

 Make your guests feel warm and welcome when they ring your doorbell and hear the beautiful Westminster melody instead of a tired old ding-dong. Select a four note or eight note setting for the front door and a single note on a second or third door.




Bassett Alissa 45 Round Mirror
Bassett Alissa 45 Round Mirror


 Bassett Alissa 45 Round Mirror

 Draw into your home a new surge of positive energy via a Feng Shui influence, by mirroring a wall with this beautiful Alisa Round Mirror. With a 45” diameter, this round bevel wall mirror from the Bassett Mirror Company is the quintessential piece for those seeking a sleek and elegant update to their home décor.


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How to Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper can easily date any room. You can update any room with a fresh new coat of paint, but first you have to remove the wallpaper. While removing wallpaper can be relatively easy, it is time consuming and it can cost up to $1,000 for professional removal. If you don’t want to spend that match and have the time, you can easily do it yourself, but it may cost you a lot of time.

The material the wall is made of will determine the way you remove the wallpaper. Home are built with walls that are either plaster or drywall. Drywall is more susceptible to damage water damage from steaming that than plaster. So, for the integrity of the wall, it might be best to scrape it off.

Steaming wallpaper used to be a popular technique. Use this method if there than one layer of wallpaper or if the wallpaper was painted over, so it needs to be loosened. The steam will penetrate the wallpaper and soften the glue and paint that is stuck to the wallpaper so that you can scrape off the wallpaper with a scraping tool.  The longer the exposure to the steam, the easier it will be to scrape off.
*Steam may damage the drywall because of the extended exposure, so be wary if you use this method

There are many commercial solvents to strip wallpaper from the wall available. All you need to do is create little openings so that the solvent can make contact with the adhesive. Spray the solvent onto the wall and let it sit for a few minutes. After letting it sit, you can peel away the wallpaper or use a putty knife to help peel it off. Do it in small sections to decrease the likelihood of damage to the wall. When done, all you have to do is wipe clean the walls with soap and water and you can do whatever you want now with the wall.

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Update Your Lampshade

Is your lamp outdated? Instead of tossing it, update your lampshade for a fresh new look that won’t break the bank.

Going to your local craft store can is a nice way to find materials to revamp your lamp. Buy a hot glue gun or a tacky glue and you can give your lamp a new face lift.

You can take any fabric laying around in your house or you can go to a furniture store to find a swatch of fabric that meets your design needs. Its an easy way to get matching furniture. Just glue on the fabric to a new or the existing lamp shade.

ET2 Lighting E21700-69PC Lattice 1 Light Table Lamp

Another thing you can purchase at the store is buttons. Buttons come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. You can get creative with your hot glue gun.

After putting wallpaper up, you find yourself having extra lying around. Instead of throwing it out, glue the extra paper to a lampshade so that you can match the theme of your room.

If you’re artistic, you can design your own lampshade with paint, or if your less artistically inclined, you can easily use stencils  to get the desired designs you want.

Add your own touch to the lamp
Hudson Valley L114-VB-WS 1 Light Adjustable Table Lam Marshall Collection

A nice way to add a pop of color to your lampshade is to glue ribbon(s) onto the shade. Or if you’re feeling adventurous you can create criss cross, vertical or horizontal designs.



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