Popular Movie Posters Get Mashed Up With Lamps

Most movie posters feature “stars” of the production, but it can sometimes be unfair. Here, at EliteFixtures.com, we’ve been backstage to interview members of the supporting cast. It turns out our lamp friends behind the scenes seem to work the longest hours and take the least breaks of anyone on the set.

The lamps did get to do some stand-ins and shot alternate versions of movie posters, but despite their hard work, were never featured–we’ve changed that.



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San Francisco - 6

STUDY: America’s 10 Most Interior-Design Savvy Cities

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Foodies flock to Portland, a city known as the pinnacle of Food Truck fare. Geeks rule in silicon cities like Mountain View, CA. Where do the design obsessed gather to share their love for great looking homes?

As a Elite Fixtures is a company that prides itself on having stylish lighting fixtures to match any décor, we can’t help but be impressed by cities that share an appreciation of amazing interior design. We created this list of interior-design conscious cities where “home sweet home” is more than just a phrase, it’s an art form.   (more…)

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What Makes Us Different

Here at EliteFixtures.com we have one focus, to treat every customer like our first and only customer. We will do our very best to make every buying experience through EliteFixtures.com enjoyable, easy and stress-free. Should you experience any problems with your order, our customer service team is standing by to make things right. EliteFixtures.com is independently-owned, allowing us to  personally establish relationships with our customers that other firms simply cannot achieve.  (more…)

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