Lighting the Kitchen: The Importance of Under Cabinet Lighting


Contemporary Kitchen design by Dc Metro Design-build Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Think of all the tasks you perform in the kitchen. Cutting vegetables, reading recipes, helping kids with homework, etc. All of these tasks require task lighting (makes sense doesn’t it?).  Under cabinet lighting is an ideal source of task lighting, that also highlights the counter and backsplash. It also reduces shadows created by overhead lighting. Relatively inexpensive and easy to install, under cabinet lighting is sure to add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, without breaking the bank.

Under cabinet lights are generally categorized into three lighting sources:
Fluorescent, Xenon, or LED.

Fluorescent under cabinet lights produce the least heat of the three, and are generally the least expensive. The drawback with fluorescents however, is they often cannot be dimmed.


Traditional Kitchen design by St Louis Kitchen And Bath Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath
Xenon under cabinet lights are known for the warm light they produce, similar to the glow an incandescent light bulb. Although they are not cool to the touch, they still run much cooler than Halogen lights. Xenon lights aren’t quite as energy efficient but can be fully dimmed and produce a beautiful glowing light.


LED under cabinet lights give off a brilliant white light and last over 50,000 hours before needing replacement bulbs! Although they are often more expensive than Xenon or Fluorescent lights, they pay for difference and then some with the energy they save over time. Most cannot be dimmed but many allow you to switch between two levels of brightness which adds some flexibility. has a great selection of under cabinet lighting from all the top lighting manufactures. Any purchase over $39 ships free. Shop and save today!

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