Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and designs and are often an underrated design element that people don’t think to use when decorating a room. Mirrors are a great style element that can help brighten, add depth and add style elements to any room.

If a room in your house does not allow room for much natural light in it, add a mirror. Mirrors can help with that if you add one across the room of a window. Placing a mirror across a window will reflect the natural light from outside and make the room seem larger.

Bassett Mirror Co M2536EC Isabelle Arched Mirror (Only)

Mirrors reflecting light from light fixtures also has a positive effect when placed in rooms or hallways with no windows. It helps disguise the fact that you are in a dark room or cooridor.

Tip – When using a full length mirror to add space to a room, make sure the mirror is at least ¾ the height of the wall

There are so many bold and decorative mirrors out there today. Their frames and shapes almost make them seem like art pieces. You can buy one huge mirror and buy multiple small ones and play around with their placement to create a nice piece of wall art.

Mirrors can also accent different things in a room, such as a fireplace. If you want to show off your fireplace, you should place a mirror above the mantel so everyone’s eyes can get drawn to that direction.

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Tip – Remember that scale is important and to use small mirrors with small walls and large mirrors with large walls

Mirrors aren’t only for walls anymore. Place one on your dining room table, that has no frame, so you can have a cool reflection of whatever you put on top of it. It’ll provide a cool sight and a conversation starter if you’re entertaining.

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