Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and designs and are often an underrated design element that people don’t think to use when decorating a room. Mirrors are a great style element that can help brighten, add depth and add style elements to any room.


Mirrors are often used as a design element to add light and dimension to a room Mirrors can help create the illusion of another window. By placing a mirror adjacent to a window, the mirror can help make the room seem bigger and reflect the natural light into the room, which is especially nice when the sun is shining bright. Try placing mirrors along the walls in long hallways to distract the eye while walking down it and to help brighten up a dark corridor, but never place a mirror at the end of a hallway

Tip – When using a full length mirror to add space to a room, make sure the mirror is at least ¾ the height of the wall

Elaborate or bold mirrors can be the main focal point of a room. There are mirrors that are so decorative that they can stand alone as art pieces. Also, multiple mirrors that complement each other and hung in a certain fashion can be used as decorative wall art. Try Basset Mirror Co.’s Danby Wall Mirrors for some wall art.

multiple mirror

Tip – Remember that scale is important and to use small mirrors with small walls and large mirrors with large walls

A full length mirror can also substitute as a dramatic centerpiece on a dining room table. The mirror will reflect the light of the fixture above it and you can add vases, candlesticks, flowers on top of the mirror for a cool effect.

A mirror can also be used above and in front of a fireplace. Since fireplaces are typically the focal point of the room, placing a mirror above the fireplace will emphasize it and enhance it more. During the warmer months, try placing a mirror in front of  fireplace and put lit candles in front of it so that the mirror can reflect the soft light. Check out Kichler Lighting’s Teardrop Mirror

Mirror over fireplace


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