Contemporary Lighting In Your Home

Technically speaking, contemporary means existing, occurring or living at the same time.  When people say that they are designing their home with a contemporary design, they mean that they are designing their house according to the current popular trend.

Contemporary designs vary year to year and it borrows designs from different eras. However, current contemporary style often features softened and rounded lines, neutral elements and bold color. Additionally, this design style tends to focus on the basics of line, shape and form. Clean lines, plenty of polish and very little clutter dominate the contemporary design.

Contemporary color palette is composed mainly of neutrals and is accented with bright, bold color. You can choose any colors that you like, but you will need to be careful that they are complementary and well balanced.

Here are some contemporary design ideas that you can incorporate into your home.


contemporary living room ideas

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lights are an invaluable addition to any kitchen, office space or shelving unit. Under cabinet lights are perfect if you are looking for task lighting. Typically, under cabinet lights are attached to the bottom of a wall mounted cabinet.

There are four different types of under cabinet lights available: round lights (puck lights), strips lights or linear lights.  Also, under cabinet lighting options are available as fluorescent or LED.

Round Lights (Puck Lights)
The round under cabinet lights resemble hockey pucks. They are often a popular choice because many versions of them do not have to be hardwired and can be plugged in. There are also battery operated models available. Perfect for kitchen remodels where budget is an issue.

3 Light Puck Surface Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Sonneman’s Light Puck Surface Flush Mount Ceiling Light 

Strip Lights
Under cabinet lights are thin bands of plastic where small bulbs are built right into the plastic. It is an affordable option where lights cannot be hard wired. Slim fluorescent fixtures are small enough and light enough to be mounted at the front of the cabinets just behind the face frames. They’re also directional, so that they can be mounted to cast their light down and toward the wall, not back toward the room.

Standard Strip

AFX’s Standard Strip Light

Linear Lights (Rope Lights)
These linear lights are thinner than the other options. Since they are thinner and also flexible, they are easier to install and less conspicuous. They do not provide as much light as other options and are mainly for complementing the overhead lighting already in the room.

ET2 Eighteen Light White Under Cabinet Light


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Chandelier Maintenance

The chandelier in your home is a beautiful and intricate light fixture that is often the focal point of any room that it is in. To make sure that your chandelier keeps shining bright for years, make sure to give your chandelier a thorough cleaning at least once a year.

For many chandeliers, you can easily clean your own. If your chandelier is too difficult to access or clean, you may want to contact a professional cleaning service. Professional chandelier cleaning services may range from $700-$2000+, depending the the size and intricacy  of your chandelier.

If you do choose to your own maintenance on your chandelier, here are a few tips.

Gather all the supplies you need:

  • Ladder – chandeliers can sometimes be lowered, but if it can’t you need a ladder to access the fixture
  • Soft Cleaning Cloths/Gloves – to make sure that you leave no finger prints
  • Towel or Padding – to place underneath the fixture in case anything drops so it won’t break
  • Cleaning Solution – You can buy a solution in the store or you can make your own by using one part isopropyl alcohol and 4 parts water

Before Starting the Cleaning

  • Always make sure that the chandelier is switched off at the off at the wall — even better make sure that the light is turned off at the breaker box
  • Before cleaning, make sure that the bulbs and the entire fixture is cool
  • Take pictures of the chandelier for reference in case you need to take it apart
  • Place the padding underneath the fixture and lower it if applicable
  • Use an alternative light source so that you do not clean your chandelier in the dark

Cleaning the Chandelier

  • Spray your cleaning solution onto one cleaning cloth and wipe the crystals of the chandelier.
  • Take a a dry cleaning cloth and immediately dry the crystal on the chandelier that has the cleaning solution.
  • Make sure to never spray directly onto the chandelier because it may rust the metal
  • If the chandelier has many parts, you can take it apart and clean — use the pictures you took earlier as reference to put it back together
  • If you find that the frame of the chandelier is extra grimy, use a mild dish soap solution to clean it
  • Always work around the chandelier and never twist the fixture around because you may damage the wiring.

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Basement Remodeling

Basements are often underutilized spaces that when transformed can act as a bonus room to increase the functionality and value of your home.

Before any major renovations, you should always get a professional to test the integrity of your house so that you don’t uncover any foundation damages. Also, professionals can help keep you updated on the codes that you need to comply with.

If you decide to remodel your basement to one of the most important things to decide is the layout of the space. If you want your basement to be a socializing spot, you should center your furniture in the area that gets the most natural light.If you decide to add an entertainment system in your basement, putting it in a darker spot will help reduce the glare.

Putting a bedroom in the basement has certain codes that must be met. One of the most important legal rules and rule of thumbs is to have a window or access for a quick exit in case of an emergency. Also, a bedroom should be nice and bright and not dungeon-esque.

If you intend to spend a lot of time in the basement, you should insult the walls to save on energy costs. Insulation will help retain the heat in the winter and the coolness in the summer.

A nice feature to add to your basement is soundproofing. That way if used as a social area, people upstairs will not be disturbed. If the basement is used as a bedroom or office, people downstairs won’t be bothered by everyone moving around upstairs.

Always take advantage of natural light. However, basements are underground, so not a lot of natural light is available. Make sure that you install enough light fixtures to light the space and be sure to layer the lighting so that the lighting in the basement is not too harsh.

Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are a great way to add a decorative touch to a plain room that has a hanging light fixture or fan. Typically, ceiling medallions are used to support ceiling fans and light fixtures, but most homeowners select them for their decorative value. When choosing a medallion, your architectural design, interior design theme and the type of ceiling light you select all play a part.

Ceiling medallions are typically used in rooms with tall ceilings and while there are no set rules for proportions, to ensure your medallion doesn’t overpower or underwhelm, follow these handy guidelines:

Sizing a Medallion 

Room Size = 140 square feet or less:
Medallion Diameter =Up to 20 inches

Room Size = 140 to 210 square feet: 
Medallion Diameter = 20 to 30 inches

Room Size = 210 to 280 square feet:
Medallion Diameter = 30 to 40 inches

Room Size = More than 280 square feet:
Medallion Diameter = 40 inches or larger

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nightshade video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures

Bright Idea: Popular Video Game Covers Reimagined

A little while back, we had a lot of fun mashing up comic book covers with lamps. SO much fun in fact, we wanted to reinvent other covers from pop culture. After some deliberation, we chose Video Games. After all, video game covers are known for being creative, exciting and inventive. We thought we could have a lot of fun reinventing them with a lighting theme. Here’s how they came out! nightshade video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures zelda video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures after burner video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures sim city video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures street fighter video game cover reimagined by elite fixtures

We hope you enjoyed these! Happy gaming :)

Freshen Up Your Bathroom – Low Cost Updates

Bathroom projects can cost thousands of dollars and are very time consuming. You can give your bathroom an entire new look and feel with just a few quick and simple cosmetic updates that should not take more than one weekend.

  • Add accents to a small bathroom to give a glam effect. Change the boring mirror hanging in your powder room with a dramatic one.

Add Some Wow

  • Instead of changing out the cabinets in your bathroom, give it a whole new look by giving it a fresh coat of pain or staining it.
  • Changing the hardware of the cabinets or even changing the sink or bathtub faucets can change the entire look of a bathroom.
  • Add a pop color into your bathroom, find a nice color that wold contrast well with the bath tiles.
  • Tiles don’t only have to be for the shower or bathtub. Add tiles behind the sink to create a bathroom back splash. The tiles could introduce new colors and patterns into your bathroom.
  • Add artwork to add a point of interest in the bathroom and to make the space more personalized.

Black Unique Freestanding Bathtub Panels As Well As Artwork Portray Hang On White Wall Bathroom Decors Brilliant Freestanding Bathtub For Adding Unique Bathtub On Your Bathroom

  • A simple storage unit can act as a multi-functioning shelving unit to hold supplies and decorative objects, if you can sacrifice the space.
  • Update the lighting fixtures in your bathroom. Replace an old fixture with something new and dramatic. You can also add more light fixtures to increase the amount of light in your bathroom.
  • Replace the counter-top of your vanity
  • Give your shower a luxurious touch by switching out the old shower head with a rain-style shower head
  • Change the shower curtain to add a pop of color into your bathroom and based off the shower curtain, you can add rugs or towels that compliment the shower curtain.

Decorating with Rugs

Rugs can be a great home to your home decor. It can be the piece in the room to help tie everything together or it can act as a statement piece.

The first step in choosing your rug, is to determine the layout of your furniture in the space that you will fill with the rug to figure out what size you need.

Classic Layout
If your space has a sofa and chairs are against the wall, your rug should be large enough to fit under the front legs of the furniture.

Floating Layout
If your space has a sofa and chairs floating n the middle of the room, your rug should be large enough to fit under all four legs of each piece of furniture.

Dining Layout
For dining rooms, you should add two feet to the length and width of your table.

Bedroom Layout
If you want to place a rug in the bedroom underneath the bed, you should have a rug that extends 2/3 of the bottom of the bed. Or you could have two runners on each side of the bed. Another option is to have a single runner at the foot of the bed.

Some tips to consider when decorating with rugs:

  • Not all rugs have to be rectangular, there are round, square and oval shaped rugs out there. Choose a shape that would look best with your furniture placement.
  • Rugs aren’t only for the floor! You can hang a rug on the wall to crate a focal point.
  • When choosing a rug patter, if your room contains very busy or ornate patterns, find a rug with a subtle color. When your furniture or  room have a subdued pattern, try a rug that has a busy pattern to add interest into the room.
  • If you use more than one rug in a room, make sure they are not the same size. Same sized rugs can cut your room in half visually.
  • When using more than one rug in a room, try to use rugs that complement each other instead of the same pattern.
  • Rugs can be used to separate different areas: beneficial if you have an open floor plan, large rooms, or a studio apartment
  • Areas with high traffic should use darker or busier patterns because they can hide dirt better.
  • Use a liner to keep your rug from slipping.

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Lighting Terminology – Lumen

If you’ve shopped for lighting products recently, you’ll notice that the manufacturers  list an abundance of information about the color temperature, life, estimated yearly cost and lumens in addition to the wattage. Back in the day, only wattage was listed. Often, lumens and wattage gets confused or mistaken for each other, even though they are two completely different things.
The wattage of a bulb is defined as the amount of energy required to light a product. Lumens on the other hand is the measure of the total amount of visible light to the human eye, or a measure of brightness.

With the introduction and improvements to LED technology there is now a negative relationship between wattage and brightness.  For example, a 6.5W LED lamp will give a similar light output to a 50W Halogen bulb, which is 87% less energy for the same light output. As technology improves, more lumens will be produced with less WATT consumption.

While there is no set determined amount of lumens required for each room, its based on a matter of preference and usage, here’s a basic guide to figure out how many lumens you might want to have per room.


Type of Room Light Colored Decor Medium Colored Decor Dark Colored Decor
56 Lumensper sq. ft 70 Lumens
per sq. ft
84 Lumens
per sq. ft
Living Room
Family Room
Utility Room
42 Lumens
per sq. ft
56 Lumens
per sq. ft
70 Lumens
per sq. ft
Dining Room
Entertainment Area
Storage Room
28 Lumens
per sq. ft
35 Lumens
per sq. ft.

42 Lumens
per sq. ft.