Backyard Lighting

Your backyard space is an extension of your home where you can relax and entertain.  Here are some lighting tips to make the most out of your space.


If those pesky mosquitoes keep bothering you, consider installing LED lights which are less likely to attract mosquitoes than incandescent lights.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the evening, it should be your priority to increase visibility so no accidents happen.


If you have a feature piece in your backyard, make sure to highlight with spot lights

Use accent light at an angle to create shadows and silhouettes to play on the natural beauty of the space.




Fanimation recently unveiled the FanSync in August 2014. FanSync is an application that you can download straight onto your phone, which allows you to control your ceiling fan from anywhere via bluetooth.



To get FanSync to work in your home, a remote receiver needs to be purchased and installed into the canopy of a pull chain operated ceiling fan. FanSync is compatible with most ceiling fans that have a three speed pull chain and a manual reverse slip. The system offers a three speed control, a light dimmer and a timer.



Why should you consider FanSync?

  • You can program an unlimited number of phones to one fan
  • One phone can control an unlimited amount of ceiling fans
  • Runs on lithium cell batteries
  • Can automatically program fan to turn off
  • You can get rid of all the fan remotes and not worry about losing them



Fan Size Chart

Ceiling fans are both functional and decorative. To ensure that your ceiling fan is maximizing its purpose, you should always make sure that the ceiling fan fits the size of the room. The smaller the size of the room, the smaller the blades should be. CeilingFan          

Square Footage of Room Type of Room

Blade Span/Sweep

90 sq. ft or Less

Bathroom, Laundry Room, Small Office, Small Guest Bedroom

90 to 100 Breakfast nook, intimate dining area, small screened in porch 44” and 46”
100 to 150 Most Bedrooms, Most Larger Kitchens, Formal Dining Room 52” – 54”
150 sq. ft. – 300 sq. ft. Standard Living Rooms 52” – 60” or multiple fans
300 sq. ft. or larger Great Room, Outdoor Patios 62” or larger ; or multiple fans



Tips to Lighting Your Bathroom

A common mistake most people make is that they only have one light source for a the bathroom, which while may be bright, but causes shadows. For bathrooms it is important that the lighting is layered. Layered lighting important in a bathroom because so many different tasks are done in a bathroom. Bathroom lights need to deliver the right amount of surface light that reflects off surfaces at the correct angle to eliminate glares and shadows.



Grooming is the primary task in a bathroom, so vanity lighting should be considered first. Also, recessed lighting for the shower areas should be considered to give off the appropriate light. After picking the right task lights, ambient and accent lighting should also be added to complement the design of the room and all the other bath and light fixtures.


Bathrooms should have lights that imitate natural sunlight. Check for the Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) rating, anything above 80 shows colors as they appear in natural sunlight. Traditionally, halogen lights are used in bathroom fixtures, but LED lights can be substituted as an energy-efficient alternative.



Bathroom fixtures are bound to be exposed to condensation, moisture and liquid. It is important to make sure that the fixtures used have the correct UL rating. UL Damp and UL Wet are the appropriate for bathrooms. UL Damp are for fixtures that do not have a direct contact with water, such as vanities. UL Wet are for fixtures that come in direct contact with a stream of water, typically lights in bathrooms.



Illuminating Illusions: Quick Fixes for Cramped Spaces

Does your room seem smaller than it actually is? A quick way to create the illusion of space is to play with the lighting. Here are some tips to help.

One of the more permanent, but also more aesthetically pleasing, fixes is the increase the natural light through the addition of windows and/or skylights. Essentially, this allows for dispersed light instead of direct light, which eliminates shadows and reduces strain on the eyes. 4

Another method is to install pendant lighting in place of table and floor lamps. The functional aspect of pendants is that they clear up valuable floor and table space. Also, pendant lights draw eyes upwards, which creates the illusion of more vertical space. Pendant lighting is much more delicate and reduce the large blocky forms that would distract the eye from the overall harmony from the room. 5

The use of mirrors is a classic trick to create depth in a room. Mirrors reflect light and color to make rooms bigger. Mirrors themselves can add a certain joie de vivre to the room *Tip use a focal point and angle the mirror towards it to create depth. 6

One last tip is to replace large overhead fixtures with several smaller lighting elements to create movement in the room as the eye travels. Large overhead fixtures tend to draw the eye to one spot, which makes the room seem smaller. 7



One of the most important elements to take into consideration when designing your home is lighting! If you’re at a loss in figuring out what type of fixture would fit your space best, just consider the function of the room.  Functionality can be designated as general, task or accent.

General Lighting – provides an area with an overall illumination. It helps zone the space and provide a comfortable level of brightness to see and walk safely.
Suggestions: Recessed or Track Lighting and Chandeliers 1

Task Lighting – provides light that helps you to easily see what you’re working on when focusing on a specific job (ie; cooking, reading, work etc.)
Suggestions: Pendant Lighting, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps 

Accent Lighting – brighter than general lighting, its purpose is to highlight an area in the room by creating visual interest.
Suggestions: Wall Sconces, Recessed or Track Lighting 9171dbb5cb40


Choosing the Proper Foyer Fixture


It is imperative to have a properly lit foyer, as it is the first part of the home that guests see upon walking in. Choosing the proper foyer fixture is actually quite simple.

Fixture Height – In general, it is best to leave roughly 84″ from the bottom of the fixture to the floor. If your ceilings are below 84″, then try a flush-mount or recessed lighting fixture.

Fixture Width – In order to find a fixture with the proper width, simply add the length and width of the space the fixture is to occupy. For example, if your space was 12 feet wide and 10 feet long, the proper width for your fixture would be 22″ (12 + 10).

Style – Consider the overall style of both your home, and the entry. It should match any underlying themes of your decor and personal style. vs. Amazon has become increasingly popular over the past few years and for good reason.  They offer millions of products at competitive prices. However, when it comes to buying home decor products such as lighting or furniture, it’s best to go with a specialized retailer like
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Popular Comic Books Get Mashed Up With Lamps

At, we think lamps are pretty super. Charged with the power of electricity, they can brighten a room with a single bulb and dispel shadows from the darkest corners. There is nowhere to hide from the Power of the Light! Which got us thinking… what would happen to our favorite comic heroes in a face-to-lamp showdown?

Here’s how we imagined it:


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